Pipe Tobacco Bombing List

albert_einstein8Welcome to the new Baccy Bomb, pipe tobacco bombing list. Some of us recently started endeavoring into the pipe world, as well as keeping our cigars. We have to come to discover , like cigars, it is a whole community on its own. We have gotten the cigar bombing part down and decided to give it a shot with the pipe tobacco as well. Now some of us are beginngers into the world yet, so please forgive us for any mistakes.

1. Send your name, IG handle, date of birth, address, and a list of your 3 to 5 favorite tobacco brands or types, and a list of what you don’t like to @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan. His email address is Jonathan.oclair81@gmail.com

2. Ideally, we are looking to get people to try new tobacco’s, so we would like to keep each Baccy Bomb to a 3 type minimum. Send what you can in each type. No need to send a full bag or tin in each bag if you can’t. If you prefer to send tins, of course that is always welcome as well.

3. Once you pick a person you want to Baccy Bomb contact @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan. Let him know who you want to bomb and he’ll give you the info to send out the tobacco’s. The element of surprise is key here. Who doesn’t want to get a bunch of great new baccy’s in their mailbox by complete surprise!

4. After you receive the bomb send a quick list of what you got to @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan. Please post a pic on instagram and use #baccybomb

5. Don’t forget to return fire after being bombed!. This is key!! It’s fun to receive, but its always about giving. Please be timely with the returns and try to have them sent back within 2 weeks. This is a thank you to the sender for graciously choosing you out of nowhere.

6. Importantly!! You must be 21 to participate. Laws vary from state to state so we have to cover our asses.

7. Don’t sit around and wait to be bombed, then say how no one bombs you. The majority of the guys are wanting other active members. So interact with the guys, have fun, and try sending some bombs. Essentially, the more active you are , the more you are seen, and are likely to get bombed.




Baccy I Like:

Anything from Frog Mortons

Cornell and deihl




*I’m fairly new to pipe smoking so havent tried a lot, im always keen to trying something new!



I’m down to try anything I can get my hands on. I am not picky.



Open to all kinds of tobacco. Has enjoyed everything so far.



Baccy I Like:

Aston Artisan Blend

NYPC Bedloe`s Island


SPC Mississippi River





Very new to the pipe game and is open to all to try anything.



Baccy I Like:

English, Virginia, Burley,


Most aromatics



Sabrina is open to all kinds, and has not found any that she dislikes



Gloria is open to all kinds, and has not found any that she dislikes



Baccy I Like:

Vapers (virginia/perique)

Latakia anything,

English (specifically 3nuns).


I don’t care for aromatics.



Baccy I Like:

I’m open to trying anything


Latakia bombs



Not picky at all, will try anything



I am fairly new to pipe smoking but drew estates blends are awesome, and i would also love to try everyone’s favorites.


Insanely strong aromatics but a little flavor Isn’t bad



Baccy I Like:

I prefer Latikia but am willing to try anything

SPC Missippi River

Frog Morton Cellar

Boswells North woods

Boswells Magnum blend

Lane 1Q


Overly heavy topping on an aromatic

Caramel crush



Open to try anything. Haven’t encountered tobacco  I haven’t enjoyed.



Baccy I Like:

Orlik Golden Slice


Pretty much anything


Nothing really



Baccy I like:

Red Virginia blends

English blends

Perique blends


I’m not a fan of Cherry or Gawith and Hoggart blend tobaccos. Other than that there’s nothing I’m against.


@TPedora (Canadian Member)

Baccy I Like:

Love any Latakia, Vanilla, Virginia Blends.

No real dislikes!



Baccy I Like:

Most anything, new to pipe smoking.


Real strong aromatics.



Baccy I Like:

Big fan of VaPers



I like just about everything though and am always down to try someone’s favorite.


Heavily flavored Aros.



Baccy I Like:

Willing to try any tobaccos. But I really dig aromatics and VaPers and Virginias.



Baccy I Like:

Esoterica Penzance

All of the frog mortons

Balkan blue

Fusiliers ration

Gas light

Mississippi river, plum pudding, deception pass, black gold, sleepy hollow and lane 1Q.



Baccy I Like:

I’m down to try different tobaccos in search of the perfect smoke.


I haven’t tried any that I can say I don’t like.



Baccy I Like:

I’ll try anything.



Baccy I Like:

Favorite Elizabethen mixture from dunhill

Will try anything


Some aromatics


@Pipe_Smoker_Wales (UK member)

Likes all types of Baccy



I am new to the pipe world but absolutely love Mississippi River. I have not had the luxury to try very many as to have a list of dislikes


@gtipeewee (uk member)

Baccy I Like:

Boswells blends

Other local tobacconists blends

Sleepy Hollow

Pipeclub blends (SPC Miss. River for example)

My absolute favourite blend to this day is Sutliff-Molto Dolce.


I find perique and heavy latakias a bit scary, but hey – you’ve got to try, right? I might find a new favourite 😉

The only blend I don’t like (so far) is: My Own Blend no.333



Baccy I like:


Orlik golden

Any rope/twist

Dunhill early morning


Caramel tobaccos



Baccy I Like:

Mild to Bold, aromatic to english, not picky at all



Baccy I Like:

Almost everything, huge fan of rattrays tobacco blends. My favorite being the marlin flake


Heavy latakias and poorly cased aromatics.



Baccy I Like:

Pretty varied tastes. I love English/Balkan blends that have strong Oriental presence. Really like red Virginias and Va/Pers as well, but hell, I also get the Burley bug pretty often. Here are a few current favorites: 3 Oaks Syrian, Bohemian Scandal, McClelland 5100, McClelland #24, Drama Reserve, Deception Pass, Stonehaven, Germain Brown Flake.


Not crazy about super strong or overly wet aromatics, but I do enjoy a well-made aromatic from time to time (Fire Dance, Sillem’s Blue and Sillem’s Black, Cult Blood Red Moon, a few others.) I’m also not crazy about overpowering Lakeland (Grousemoor, Ennderdale, etc.).



Baccy I Like:

I prefer Burley and/or Latakia blends, but am open to trying anything.


Not a fan of aromatics.



Baccy I Like

Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake

anything from McClelland

anything from Cornell & Deihl but particularly Briar Fox


Peterson Connoisseur’s Choice.


Aside from the Peterson CC, I am not really a fan of Aromatics anymore. And I am allergic to cherries so I am particularly afraid to smoke anything with any kind of cherry Aromatic additions.



Baccy I Like:

Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake

Samuel Gawith Commonwealth

Robert McConnell’s Oriental


Any of the strong aromatic heavy cased goopy stuff



Baccy I Like:

Sleepy Hollow

Full Virginia Flake

McCranie’s Red Ribbon

Most Red Virginia blends



Most Latakia bombs



Baccy I Like:

I never met one I didn’t like [except for hardcore aromatics]

I prefer burley / burley blends / english blends, etc.


Hardcore aromatics



Baccy I Like:


SG Med Va Flake

SG Navy Flake

McB Old Dark Fired

Rattray’s Marlin Flake


not a Latakia-bomb fan though I do enjoy it in Balkan blends.


@schmee_schmee (UK MEMBER)

Baccy I Like:

Samuel Gawith – Squadron leader.

Dunhill – Early Morning pipe

Solani – Red label.

Gawith Hoggarth – coffee caramel

Still searching for newbies


Haven’t found any that I particularly dislike but wasnt overly thrilled with Petersons – Sherlock Holmes.


  1. @pipesmokerenthusiast

    Black Cavendish is a a fav. but i like sweet, smooth, full body…

    Dislike: I don’t care for ones that burn to hot or bitter


  2. My all time favorite baccy is:

    Mississippi River

    I also like all the Frog Mortons

    I have not ran across any baccy that I really didn’t like.


  3. @Garreck27

    Hello DR’s! I’m not an official DR yet, but anxiously awaiting my membership approval. I have submitted my likes and dislikes as well as a couple of folks to bakkybomb.

    Here are my likes:
    •Missouri Meerschaum American Patriot
    •War Horse
    •Three Nuns
    •C&D Haunted Bookshop
    •Dunhill Ready Rubbed
    •Peterson Irish Dew
    •Frog Morton Cellar
    •Generally: English, Virginia’s, latakia and perique

    Cheers folks!


  4. @coryruthlessrouth

    I like just about anything that does not bite too hard.

    I don’t like Maclelland Plum Cake.

    I am a tobacco alchemist and I mix up my own blends in my underground lab.


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