About The Distinguished Ruffians™


What is a Distinguished Ruffian?

dis·tin·guished: – adjective –  Made conspicuous by excellence; noted; eminent; famous

ruf·fi·an: – noun – A tough, lawless person; roughneck

 This site is the brain trust of a group of friends who could only be described as being both distinguished and ruffian. Friends whose combined life experiences have been melted in the crucible and you, the reader, now inherit the reward.  We are eclectic individuals with specialties in most walks of life including biological, medical, power generation, data analysis, and mechanics. Our goal is to share these experiences, and bring like minded people together all while helping battle through the trivial and the trying quandaries bestowed upon us all in our day to day lives. Our website will encompass subjects that fall within the 3-Ps of life:

People – Relationships, Social Interaction, Gift advice, Health & Fitness

Places – Travel, Night Life, Outdoors, Restaurants etc..

 Purchases – Reviews of all items, specializing in, Scotch, Cigars, Guns, Knives, and Beard products, Cars and Automotive parts

As this site has grown so has our idea of what to means to be a Distinguished Ruffian. With our members we stand tall as a group of growing men and women who want to be more than just ordinary…We are Ruffians BUT Distinguished. As  Distinguished Ruffians, our desire is to inspire. Inspire thought. Inspire action. Inspire change. This is the seed, and the idea that the merging of distinction and ruthlessness can be achieved (without being a politician). We believe one can be a Ruffian and be Distinguished. The question now is, DO YOU?


  1. I am part of a local cigar event and I was wondering if I could post to the ruffian face book page
    Info :
    Cigars under the Stars
    Thursday June 11th
    Metropolitan Entertainment Centre
    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    281 Donald St.
    Cocktails at 630 Dinner at 730
    $160.00 a ticket
    Business Casual


    1. On the website here we have a tab titled “Want To Be An Official Distinguished Ruffian.” On that page you will find all the details you need for joining. We look forward to your application sir.


  2. Just like to say Thank You, I’m now Officially a Distinguishedruffian 👍
    Many Thanks and Happy Smokes 👍 🍻👍

    denisjhorgan (IG)


  3. I want to be a distinguished ruffian.But I m from Serbia. Little country in europe. End I speak bad english. My instagram name is krle_fuckerzz .


  4. Just submitted my application to become a DR and anxiously awaiting to be approved! This site/blog is amazing and encompasses everything I and my close friends subscribe to.

    I’m located in SE Wisconsin and host a monthly pipe club meeting: Refer to our Facebook page: Kenosha Pipe Club and if you’re in the neighborhood please stop by and share some good beer, smoke and conversation with us. Would love to meet you.

    Reach out via IG @garreck27



  5. Thank you for the addition! I’ve been a DR for a few months now, but not on the member map yet. How long does it usually take? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas everyone!


    1. It takes a bit of time for me to get everyone loaded onto the map. Unfortunately there is no set amount of time it’s just when I am able to have the time to do it. Hope to have it fully updated soon though.


  6. I am glad to now be a Distinguished Ruffian! Thanks for allowing me to join this prestigious group of like minded individuals! Looking forward for the official letter and patch.
    IG UN = 19g68


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