DR Bomb Squad™


How The DR Bomb Squad™ Works

A great way to interact with DR Family members is by signing up to be on the DR Bomb Squad™. Not 100% sure what that is, not a problem here’s the explanation.

First we are lucky enough to have DR member @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan administrating this project for us so what you will do is…

1. Send your name, IG handle, date of birth, address, and a list of the type of cigars or pipe tobacco you like to @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan. His email address is Jonathan.oclair81@gmail.com

2. When you are ready to send a “bomb” out contact@Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan or @Distinguishedruffian and they will give you the name and address of the person to bomb along with their taste preferences. You are free to send as much as you like but should be a minimum value of roughly $20.00-$25.00 (So essentially send a few sticks and as long as you’re not sending White Owls, or Backwoods you’ll be fine.) The element of surprise is key here. Who doesn’t want to get a bunch of cigars in their mailbox when they don’t know they are coming?

3. After you receive the cigars send a quick list of what you got to @Distinguishedruffian_Jonathan so we know your oackage areived then please post a pic on instagram and use #DRBombSquad and tag the main feed @Distinguishedruffian

4. In order to remain on the DR Bomb Squad™ a return fire to the person who bombed you is expected. It’s always fun to receive, but it’s also about giving back. Please be timely with the return fire and have them sent back within 3 weeks. After 3 successful “Bomb Runs” you will be eligible to request the DR Bomb Squad™ patch by contacting @Distinguishedruffian. Make sure to keep track who you send to so it can be verified.

Bomb Squad Patch

5. Lastly must be 21 to participate.


  1. I know. He brags about his Brady Quinn jersey everydayyyy! I mean gheeeeeese smoke your Gurkhas and enough already. I don’t care how good he thinks his hair is.


  2. @pipesmokerenthusiast

    I like:
    Alec Bradly
    H. Upmann (Banker (:)
    A.J. Fernandez
    Psyko Seven
    Project 805
    Liga Prirada #9 and T52
    Acid whole line

    Black and Mild


  3. denisjhorgan (IG)

    I would love to join this Cigar bombing… But!!…I live in Ireland and there is a complete lack or access to quality Cigars here. My only hope is on the Internet, so I’ll probably get some from Smokingpipes.com, etc,etc….Other than that Happy Smokes Brothers 👍


  4. @joseph_a_rodriguez

    Rocky Patel Super Ligero, Sun Grown, Prohibition Broad Leaf Hamlet
    Juan Lopez
    Blind mans Bluff
    Island Jim
    601 Habano
    Ave Maria


  5. I’m new so I don’t have a favorite. I do like smokes that have a stronger flavor. So many are Spanish names and Taco Bell is almost beyond my ability to pronounce


  6. My favorite Cigars:
    Camacho triple maduro
    Any and all Padrons
    Any my father
    Liga privada
    Felix Assouline 2sins

    Cigars I don’t like:
    Any Gurka
    Texas lucero
    Any cherry, vanilla cigar.


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