Distinguished Ruffian™ Bylaws


Article 1 – Name:

The name of this organization shall be Distinguished Ruffian™.

Article 2 – Purpose:

The purpose of Distinguished Ruffian™ is to bring like-minded people together and continue to expand the worldwide family of active members. It will improve and promote the knowledge of tobacco, alcohol, and personal arms in a safe and educated manner through the organization and cooperation of ourselves and other agencies such as, companies for these products, storeowners, managers, sales representatives, member meet-ups as well as written articles added to DistinguishedRuffian.com.

Article 3 – Policies:

As a member of Distinguished Ruffian™ no one shall discriminate against anyone else because of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, income status, marital status, educational background, or any other factor.

No defaming or negativity towards Distinguished Ruffian™ itself, its members, or any other clubs whether by disparaging comments on photos or posting photos that are clearly derogatory.

Members are expected to help create awareness of the Distinguished Ruffian™ family and what we stand for through social media outlets (communicating with others who are interested in the same things, patch checks, coin challenges, ETC), by attending member meet ups, participation in reviews, and communicating with other members when possible.

Article 4 – Membership:

Membership is open to anyone in the world who wishes to meet people that are interested in the things Distinguished Ruffian™ stands for/supports and would like to participate in social and civic activities. In order to apply for membership the potential member must be following @DistinguishedRuffian on Instagram and fill out the DR potential member profile and email it to DRMembership@outlook.com along with a submission photo. While waiting for approval it is recommended that potential members follow and communicate with other current members, since we are a close family and communicate with each other regularly. Once accepted, each member will be sent one (1) member patch. Only current members are eligible to carry their member patch and use it to identify themselves as a member. It is the members’ responsibility to keep up with their patch, if a member loses their patch additional ones can be purchased from the merchandise page on DistinguishedRuffian.com. Once accepted you will be added to the member map by zip code so that you and other members can see who is close to each other. Membership is lifetime unless a member is found to be violating any rules or polices in which case membership will be reviewed and a warning, possible suspension and/or dismissal from the family could occur. While we wouldn’t want to see anyone go, members can leave the family at anytime by contacting Distinguished Ruffian™ by either email at DistinguishedRuffian@outlook.com or direct messaging the main account (@DistinguishedRuffian) on Instagram.

Article 5 – State and Area Chapters:

As the family has grown the need for state and area chapters have become necessary to help keep everyone in communication with each other and to help provide an easier means for creating meet-ups and social events in your area. Each chapter will have a group, selected from the DR Family, to act as the officers of each chapter. These officers will be the main point of contact for everyone that falls within their state or area. However if there is ever any questions, problems or complaints with the chapter officers you can send these concerns and questions to DistinguishedRuffian@outlook.com or send a direct message to the main account @DistinguishedRuffian on Instagram and the issue or question will be investigated in a timely fashion. Chapter officers are representatives to help promote the communication between everyone in the chapters and find ways for more members to get to meet each other, they are not responsible for defining rules, regulations, polices or procedures for Distinguished Ruffian™. Each chapter will have their own free Google Hangouts chat group that is in addition to the chat that is set up for all family members. It is not required that you participate in any of these chat groups, however, it is strongly recommended. These chat groups are how you will get to know and bond with your chapter family members and will help facilitate coordinating group events/meet-ups.

Article 6 – Chapter Officers:

Distinguished Ruffian™ will select, place and determine the length of term as an officer for each chapter and can change this at any time. If someone wishes to be an officer or has a suggestion as to who they think would represent the Family well, they should contact Distinguished Ruffian™ by email at DistinguishedRuffian@outlook.com or through direct message on the main Instagram account @DistinguishedRuffian. To qualify as an officer the candidate must be an active DR member and post DR relevant posts on a regular basis. All officer candidates must be 1P1F and can not participate in or hold membership in any other social style club similar to the focus of DR. (I.E. Cigars, Alcohol, Firearms, ETC.) All information discussed between Distinguished Ruffian™ and its officers is considered confidential and not to be disclosed to anyone other than Distinguished Ruffian™ and the other officers. It is also important to understand that, just because you are part of a specific chapter, you are still encouraged to contact other members outside of your chapter as well as Distinguished Ruffian™ directly. The most important part is the feeling of family and our mutual goals. To earn your DR Officers Card, officers will post a minimum of 1 DR relevant photo every other day, a DR relevant photo is described as something with the DR logo on it.

The order and responsibility of officers is as follows:

Captain: The Captain will act as liaison between the members of their chapter and Distinguished Ruffian™ and to ensure the line of communication does not break down or things go unnoticed. To keep an up to date list of current members in their chapter as well as correct contact information (I.E. Members name, IG name and email address. These current lists must be sent to Distinguished Ruffian™ to be kept on file). To, at all times, help promote and inform others of Distinguished Ruffian™ and what we stand for. To organize and coordinate at least one (1) official member meet up at either a smoke shop or pub that allows cigar and pipe smoking per year. Smoke shop or pub must be approved by Distinguished Ruffian™ and planned at least four (4) months in advance to allow time for coordination and announcements to be made across all possible social media outlets. All official member meet ups will be advertised on DistinguishedRuffian.com as well as all other social media outlets. To make sure all members in their chapter are following the Distinguished Ruffian™ policies. To ensure the other officers of the chapter are performing their duties.

Co-Captain: The Co-Captain will support the Captain so that all duties can be done correctly and in a timely manner. He/she will keep track of the members that participate in each state/area chapter chat group. Will be responsible for sending out newsletters and updates about events taking place as needed. Will relay any responses or concerns from members responding to newsletters to Distinguished Ruffian™. To fill in as the Captain when the Captain is not available or present. To make sure all members in their chapter are following the Distinguished Ruffian™ policies. To ensure the other officers of the chapter are performing their duties.

Lieutenant (Social Media): Will be responsible for maintaining the chapter Instagram profile for their particular state chapter by posting, at least, once a day, a DR relevant post on Instagram (these must not include religious or political posts as well as posts involving scantly clad men or women), re-post all items from the main feed about meet-ups or merchandise available to the club as well as anything specific to their particular chapter along with any other items that Distinguished Ruffian™ needs posted. Accounts that will be followed by each chapter will consist of accounts relevant to the premium tobacco, firearm and alcohol industry. This means no following of model or celebrity accounts (unless they are members and represent DR in their posts), accounts of non-DR members who are not interested in what we are about, religious or political accounts or accounts that are made for the sole purpose of posting photos of men or women in a provocative manner.  Will help facilitate and promote interaction between fellow members through the use of patch checks, coin challenges, shot calls, ETC.

Scout: To help spread the word of Distinguished Ruffian by finding and recruiting new potential members who would be a good fit for the family. To find new shops and locations to have member meet-ups. Establish good working relationships with these people as well as cigar/pipe companies that would like to join us in mutual endeavors or help promote member meet up events. To communicate these new relationships with Distinguished Ruffian™.

Dues: Currently there are no membership dues required but as we grow the possibility of dues might be needed to keep the family funded and growing. These dues would be used to cover just the basic needs such as, the cost of member welcome letters, first patch, postal fees, ETC.

Disciplinary Action: Although it is unlikely, in the event that a member is found breaking policies of Distinguished Ruffian™ there will be a need to address these situations. These will be handled initially by chapter officers who will collect as much information, from both sides, about the situation as possible from all needed parties and family members. The chapter officers and Distinguished Ruffian™ will then discus the situation and membership will be reviewed.

Logos and Imagery: The name Distinguished Ruffian™ and all artwork pertaining to Distinguished Ruffian™ (the smoking face with crossed pistols, smoking skull with bowler hat, Club Is Family™, Put Some Green On The Screen™, In Family We Trust™, DR Bomb Squad™, Your Cigar Club’s Favorite Cigar Club™, ETC) are trademarked items and should be treated as such. It is asked that all items made with Distinguished Ruffian™ logos, such as but not limited to, the smoking face with crossed pistols, chapter logos, mottoes, slogans or name should be done so only with the approval of Distinguished Ruffian™ and through their approved printing facilities. The majority of these items will be made available by Distinguished Ruffian™ through the website store.