GRAMM Works Humidor


I’ve been through a lot of travel humidors. I mean a LOT of travel humidors. The photo is just a representation of the ones I would be willing to take with me. The rest have either ended up in the bin or have been tossed to the side where I can forget I ever had them. Finally there is a travel humidor worth writing about. The GRAMM Works humidor.

I travel frequently and like to bring my cigars with me. (You can never count on finding a good cigar shop or that the cigar shop you find has what you want to smoke.) There have always been three truly major problems for me when traveling with cigars. 1 – Not damaging the sticks while in transit. 2 – Having the proper humidity so they don’t dry out over the period of a few days. 3 – Storage size. How does GRAMM Works solve these problems? Let me fill you in.

My first concern is always not damaging cigars while traveling. With a GRAMM Works you don’t have to worry about this. The tube is CNC machined from aircraft grade IMG_8637 aluminum and lined with Spanish cedar. It also is anodized so you don’t have to worry about corrosion in the future. The top cap threads into the tube to ensure a good tight seal, (I mentioned this was CNC machined right) and has a built in analog hydrometer. Their “enthusiast” cap can also be used to hold your cigar while smoking. It also comes with a handy carabiner, to clip it wherever you want, that doubles as a bottle opener. These things can take a serious beating. I’ve dropped mine more times than I can count, it’s been knocked off of tables at bars, fallen down stairs, thrown around from person to person and has survived with only some surface scratches but no structural issues and my cigars were in great shape. Obviously I don’t recommend doing this what I’m trying to convey is that you don’t have to worry about your sticks getting destroyed from tossing your cigar carrier in your suitcase or backpack.

Next is the humidity. With GRAMM Works the humidity is controlled via Boveda two-way humidity packs. The bottom of the tube has a screw in insert to place the packs into so they don’t come into direct contact with the cigars them self. The packs are available in a variety of humidity percentages based off of your preference. I like the 69% for this size. With this system I haven’t had any trouble with humidity while traveling and the use of the Boveda packs makes it even easier to control.IMG_8752

Lastly…space. Size is a real issue when it comes to traveling. You need it to be small enough to pack but big enough to carry what you want. GRAMM Works tubes are available in three sizes. 5” Robusto, 6” Toro and 7” Churchill. They make single stick tubes and multi stick tubes. Each multi tube can hold about 5 cigars with a 54 ring gauge but you could probably fit another if you tried. In the size category this is where GRAMM Works falls a little but my suggestion is if you need to carry more than five sticks, BUY ANOTHER ONE. Seriously don’t waste your money on a piece of crap just because it holds 10 sticks, get another GRAMM Works, its worth it.

If you need a great carrier that you don’t have to worry about replacing or damaging while traveling I strongly recommend the GRAMM Works humidor. The aluminum construction makes it light weight and durable, the CNC manufacturing makes everything about them incredibly consistent down to the quality of the treads and the humidity pack makes worrying about loose crystals and too much distilled water on your travel sponge a thing of the past. I have had nothing but success with their product and you will to.


Manufacturer: GRAMM Works




Manufactured: In PA. (That’s America by the way)


Rating: 4.9 out of 5 pints.


Wondering what CNC machining is? Click here for a video.

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