Catching Big on Catch My Drift

Rogan 1My cousin and I wanted to take a fishing trip last weekend. While sorting through all the companies that offer this service we chose Fishing Headquarters based out of Ft Lauderdale Florida. They specialize in sport fishing and drift fishing. We decided to take their drift-fishing trip, as we had never tried this method before. We arrived for our 8 am trip and were greeted by a great crew. The captain seemed quite knowledgeable and helpful. We boarded the boat with about 50 other passengers. On board were a mixture of people from tourists, locals, families, and serious fisherman who came with multiple rods and all sorts of their own “secret weapons.” With so many aboard on board we wondered if we would be able to catch any thing, but we left the dock and headed out to the first drift point.

As we went out the crew went over the proper use of the rods and reels along with some other safety points. As we got to the drift point all the passengers lowered their lines to a depth just off the sea bottom. As we waited for our lines to pull the calls for “fish on” could be heard across the boat with passengers pulling up fish after fish, this excitement continued for the duration of the trip. The crew knew everything about the fish we were catching and the area, making the trip even better.rogan 3

As we continued the trip we stopped at several more drift points and caught a plethora of beautiful, delicious fish all while discovering how fun and different drift-fishing could be. The catch ranged from hogfish, mangrove snappers, and strawberry grouper to less edible and more beautiful Queen triggerfish.

rogan2The trip was enjoyed by all aboard whether you were southern boys having a few beers and trying to win the pool for biggest catch or the family on vacation enjoying fishing for the first time.


Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints

Cost: $40 per person for 4hr drift fishing trip


“The Catch My Drift is an incredible drift fishing boat. 85’ in length, she is the largest, fastest and the only Air-Conditioned party fishing boat in Fort Lauderdale. They have spared no expense with 3 Color Fish Finders, Radio, GPS Satellite Navigation and Chart Plotting, T.V., DVD, Full Galley, Upper and Lower deck access, and every other amenity you can think of.”

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