Rocky Patel Super Ligero

IMG_7056In the past I’ve smoked my share of different Rocky Patel cigars and have been pleased with most of what I’ve smoked but have always wanted something a bit bolder from them. So as someone who smokes ligeros on a near daily basis I was excited to try their new Super Ligero to see how it stood up in flavor to the others.

Inspection of the cigar reveals a well-constructed stick with no empty or dead spots along it found when applying pressure. It is firm but gives enough so when squeezed it doesn’t crack or feel over filled. The smell of leather, coffee, and rich tobacco can be noticed along the cigar and of course is stronger from the foot.

It lights easily and burns evenly from the beginning. The taste is lighter than expected at first but IMG_7012quickly the power of the ligero can be noticed. A heavy full flavor of pepper and oak are in the forefront with a slight hay flavor hidden in the back along with an almost sweet aftertaste. The cigar continues these flavors throughout the entire stick with little to no variation in flavor. It burns evenly with no tunneling through the cigar (which with the slower burning ligero can be a problem sometimes). It maintained a nice dark ash that is tight but doesn’t hold for any great length and produces a good heavy dense smoke.

If your looking for a new ligero to try and want something that you can sit back with for a but of time and have consistent flavor I would suggest picking up one of these. With the sticks in the $8.00 range you can’t really go wrong.


Wrapper: Saint Augustine Habano

Filler: Costa Rica & Nicaragua Triple Ligero

Binder: Habano


Sizes: Lancero, Sixty, Toro and Robusto




Rating: 4.4 pints out of 5


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