Quesada Reserva Privada

Quesada Reserva PrivadaStrangely enough living in south Florida and having what should be a close proximity to Quesada I had found it very difficult to locate their cigars in a shop. Sure I could have ordered some online but I’m far too lazy for that. Finally I ran into some Reserva Privadas at a shop in Miami and grabbed a few knowing I wanted to write about them. There’s a great story behind this particular blend. You see the story for this cigar starts all the way back in 1997 when the Quesada harvest of San Vincente happened at a uniform height with even the middle leaves growing to be the same size indicating that the nutrients from the soil spread evenly through the plant, “Cosecha pareja” they called it. Rather then blend it up and put it out at that time Quesada persuaded his father and brother to store and age the tobacco for a special blend in the future. So the tobacco sat aging and waiting to be used until 2015 when Quesada’s daughters (the fifth generation of Quesadas to be in the cigar industry) found the aging tobacco and came to their dad with an idea for its use. After some experimentation a blend was found and production began. After it was rolled it was aged for an additional year to let the old tobacco rest with the newer tobacco giving it “the chance to mature and add nobility” according to Quesada.

A visual inspection of the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper shows a nearly perfect roll. The wrapper is very smooth with very little to no veining, it is the color of tanned leather with a matte light oily finish. You have to search for the seams as they are nearly invisible. The over all feel is full but gives well when pressed between the fingers with no dead spots that could be found.

The smell from the body is light and somewhat grassy and sweet, from the foot there are hints of plum, leather, ceder and a touch of floral. The cigar cuts easily with no damage to the body. The pre-light draw is easy with little resistance, the flavor is sweet with a hint of pepper.

The first half of the cigar is slightly mellow with a that is mild and dry. It has a bit of bit of sweetness and a splash of spice on the finish. It burns evenly and the ash hangs on for about an inch at a time. The ash is dark grey in color with tight rings, the burn is razor sharp and it has excellent smoke production they is light on the tongue.Quesada Reserva Privada

In the second half the flavor begins to increase and becomes more spicy. The mild flavor becomes more complex with leather and sweet tobacco becoming more prominent. These flavors mixed with the lighter weighted smoke leaves the impression of fresh baked bread that ends with black pepper. The burn remains consistent and the cigar holds its form until I can no longer hold the cigar in my fingers.

I am pleased to say that my first experience with Quesada has been a great one. While I normally gravitate towards a “heavier” cigar the Reserva Privada was very enjoyable. While it started off a bit mellow it grew to be very complex with the newer Pennsylvania ligero added to the blend giving it just that little extra punch. This cigar could be smoked by anyone and appreciated. While I smoke mine with bourbon this would pair very well with coffee or sparkling water with a lime. This was a limited production so it could be tricky to find now but I would have to suggest that you search it out and stock up, it’s a cigar you don’t want to miss.

Wrapper: Equadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican San Vincente (1997 Vintage)

Filler: Dominican San Vicente (1997 Vintage selected from Cosecha Pareja crops) | Pennsylvania Ligero

Vitolas: Robusto 4.7 x 52, Toro 5.6 x 54, Toro Gordo 6.5 x 56

Price: $12.95 – $14.95 per stick depending on size.

Website: http://quesadacigars.com/

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints

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