Indian Motorcycle Shade

Indian Motorcycle ShadeBack in the 80’s I remember putting on my leather jacket and letting my long hair out of its pony tail. I would kiss my wife
goodbye as I grabbed my keys off the counter and walk over to my garage. “Daddy’s home” I’d say to myself as I
buttoned my jacket. Good o’l Marsha is what I called my hog, but who cares, I’d take her riding for hours up the mountain side with my hair blowing in the wind… good times… I’m Totally joking, I’m a millennial, but lets dive in to this review!
Indian Motorcycle Cigars was launched in 2015 after Debonaire House co-owner Phil Zanghi re-acquired the rights to
Indian Tabac, a brand he founded with Rocky Patel. Instead of relaunching Indian Tabac at that time, he chose to enter
into a licensing agreement with Polaris, the owner of Indian Motorcycles, to create an all-new cigar brand. The Indian
Motorcycle brand of cigars followed that year with the release of the Indian Motorcycle Habano and Indian Motorcycle
At a glance it looks like your typical Connecticut wrapper. Light brown, slight oil sheen and visible seams. The foot has a sweet hay aroma, earthy tones play a part in creating an overall pleasant scent. Per usual a straight cut was my weapon of choice. Cold draw kinda hits you with a curve ball, notes of cedar and toasted almonds greet you with open arms then they invite you in and introduces you to Mr. wood and Mrs cream .. what a beautiful family, ok I’ll stop. Did I Forgot to mention this bad boys rocking a perfect triple cap as well.
The first third has a bit of white Pepper and hints of Toast. The Retro hale was a breeze like with most Connecticut cigars and pretty much ties everything together. To me nothing pairs with a Connecticut better then a espresso, so I did just that. Pretty much a match made in heaven to say the least. The burn is razor sharp and the ash is well constructed. The smoke output is medium and to some that doesn’t matter but I don’t enjoy smoking a cigar that has more smoke spewing off the tip then a 12yr old with his new vape mod.
The second third takes a bit of a turn, Cream notes are more prominent and a slight malty flavor starts to come in. The burn remains sharp and at this point I roll the ash off to see whats happening underneath the hood. A blunt tipped cherry is front and center maintaining the beautiful burn. *Titanic song plays in the background*
In the final third stronger flavors build up masking most of the subtle notes that were once front and center. Burn was very consistent through out the smoke. Overall a solid smoke for even a new FOTL to enjoy. Espresso was the drink of choice but if coffees not your thing id recommend a light beer or even a cider.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: De Los Reyes S.A.
Price: $9.00 – $11.00
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints
Article by Andy Melo

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