II Saints from Felix Assouline

Felix Assouline II SaintsIf your In the market for some dapper mens accessories ranging from bracelets to belt buckles and in the mood for a great smoke all at the same time this reviews for you. II saints is a French brand making guys like you look like some godly character from Game of thrones. Its almost like steam punk meets mid evil with a sprinkle of rugged tossed in there for added measure. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.
II Saints come in 24ct boxes and your size options consist of:
La Douce Nuit 5×50
La Petite Mort 52×5
La Nuit Blanche 6×54
Les Copains D’abord 6.5×56
L’ange Noir 56×6.5
(Read this with Morgan freeman in mind)
This bad boys Filled with Jamastran, Jalapa then held together by a Jamastran binder then wrapped with a beautiful Jamastan criollo 98 wrapper. Its firm to the touch with a slight spongy feel and like most premium cigars were rocking a triple cap At a glance the Jamastan criollo 98’s wrapper is phenomenal with a butter like
smoothness yet just enough tooth to give it the edge. A sniff of the foot and your greeted by a pungent earthy tone. Weapon of choice? Straight cut. I’d say the cold draw is pretty muted slight hints of earth but darker almost like soil, get me?
For some reason I felt fancy today and lit this smoke up with a piece of cedar, something about the whole “frenchness” behind this smoke inspired me. First third pretty much took a 180 on me from what I had in mind that this smoke would be. Medium pepper, earthy, hints of dark chocolate with a sweet finish to tie it all together. A sweet after taste, nothing major at least not worth mentioning just yet.
Second third is where things start cooking and the strength comes in. Definitely a full bodied smoke and the retro hale really confirms that. The aromas on this smoke are heavenly, you get your classic aged tobacco smell we all love and care for with an added touch I cant really put my finger on, you’ll have to smoke this to understand.
The dreaded final third is a love hate relationship I’ve made with this cigar. Like most full bodied smokes the final third is a hit or miss due to the tar build up. This cigar fortunately was consistent through out with the burn being razor sharp and flavors remaining strong. There wasn’t any flavor changes on this cigar but its something I didn’t mind being that the flavors were blended so well to begin with.
Wrapper: Jamastran Criollo 98
Binder: Jamastran
Filler: Jamastran, Jalapa
Price: $9.00 – $13.00
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints
Article by Andy Melo

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