OSCAR VALLADARES CISERON EDITIONI think most of us know Oscar Valladeras from his popularity of The Leaf by Oscar, at least that’s how I first heard of him. In the Oscar Valladares Ciseron Edition the goal was to promote Honduran artist Elmer Ciseron Bautista. While Oscar has generally always used tobacco from Honduras in an ironic turn, in this cigar celebrating the Honduran artist he chose to use (for the first time) tobacco not from Honduras. Seems like an interesting choice given the reason behind the cigar but what do I know? Ok enough of the history behind it on to why you are really here, what is it like.

I normally don’t talk about bands or covers but with this cigar it’s impossible not to. While the blends and cigars are all the same there are five different spices of art from Ciseron covering the majority of each cigar. On the backside of these labels is a bit of history about his art. if you aren’t familiar with his work it’s worth a read to find out about the artist that inspired this cigar.

Once removing the large covering the look of the cigar is quite pleasing. The wrapper is light brown in color, while it has noticeable veining the seams are practically invisible. The body is firm but will give if pressed and there is a slight glossy look to it from the oils. The body and foot have very light aromas and are difficult to place. The  cap cuts with no issues and the cold draw gives flavors of cinnamon and of course tobacco.

The first half is light like toasted bread with a touch of spice and is slightly sweet. The burn is even and for the light flavor the smoke production is like a freight train. The burn is even and the grey ash holds tight until you decide to release it.

Entering the second half the spices pick up a bit but still remains a mellow cigar. The over all flavor is something unremarkable but interesting at the same time. While there is nothing that immediately jumps up and says pay attention to me, there’s plenty going on if you choose to look for it. It reminds me of very well aged tobacco. It is a very easy smoking cigar and something you can either choose to pay attention to or just sit back and relax with. For the duration of the cigar it burns sharp and needs no touch up at anytime. Smoke production is always full and provides a great aroma in the room.

Since I consider cigars, cigar blending and cigar rolling to be an art form, it’s nice to see someone in the art community help bring to light another artist. This particular blend is a touch on the lighter side for my palate but is in no way a bad cigar, if anything it makes it more accessible to everyone. novice or professional I would recommend picking some of these up if you can still find them. The five styles were only made in 500 boxes of 20 so go on the hunt and see what you can find left, it’ll be worth it

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: Around $9.00 a stick
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 pints


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