Davidoff Escurio


Davidoff EscurioDavidoff Escurio was initially released at the 2015 ICPCR being their second cigar to don the black label band. Inspired by the intense atmosphere of Rio, Brazil they deserved the name by combining Escuro and Rio to end up with Escurio. “A cigar kissed by the rains and born by the Bay of Todos Los Santos in Brazil. The climate gives Escurio its distinctive sweet original taste and rich aroma. This blend is crafted with Cubra and Matafina tobaccos from the Bay of Todos os Santos in Brazil, along with tobacco from Dominican Republic and Ecuador. The climate gives Escurio cigars their original taste and rich aroma.” For this article I chose the Corona Gorda.

The cigar is a dark chocolate brown with noticeable veining and gleaming oily sheen. It feels full between the fingers but but slightly lumpy. The smell is floral and sweet with some cedar and a hint of caramel. The cap cuts fine with no damage to the construction. From the pre-light draw I pick up sweet flavors, a hint of spice and of course tobacco, the draw is a bit on the tough side it is workable.

The first half is decadent with its sweet and salty flavors and a touch of red pepper on the finish. It has excellent medium weighted smoke production and clean burn although it did require a touch up. The ash holds for about 1/4″ at a time until falling off.

Once reaching the second half the flavors become more earthy and espresso like with the saltiness still present on the roof of the mouth but the pepper backing off quite a bit. This flavor stays for the duration. The smoke production continues at the same pace and the burn after the touch up has remained even for the rest of the cigar.

In all the well balanced flavors of this cigar make it easily smoked by anyone. While the price point removes this from being an everyday smoke it’s something you’ll want to have around for special occasions or when you just feel like being a bit extravagant for the day. I would say it’s worth picking up a couple when you see them and have them on hand when you feel like having a fancy day for yourself.

Wrapper – Ecuadorian Habano

Binder – Brazilian Cubra

Filler – Brazilian (Cubra and Mata Fina), Dominican (San Vicente, Piloto and Olor/Piloto Seco)

Price: Starting at $17.00 a stick.

Website: us.davidoffgeneva.com

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints


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