Platinum Nova Batch Toro

Nova Cigars Platinum Batch

As a new cigar company, Nova Cigars made a large impression at the most recent PCA show in Las Vegas. While the family who owns Nova Cigars chooses to remain anonymous, both the “Leo” Leonor Abzaradel and Brand President “Ari” Aurelio Riego are well known and active members of the cigar community. “The brand is comprised of 17 cigars presented in three series and two special editions. What is remarkable, and unique to Nova, is that each cigar is its own distinctive blend. There is no repetition of wrapper/binder/filler combinations in any of the cigars. Every cigar has its own unique strength and flavor profile, affording the adventurous smoker a wide range of experiences within one brand.” Since every cigar they make has a different blend there is plenty in there line up to explore, for this article in particular I chose the Platinum Batch Toro.

The wrapper is a lovely dark chocolate color with a bit of tooth to it. There is some light veining and the seams are tight and discrete. The cigar has an appropriate amount of give when pressure is applied to it between the fingers. The smell is quite fragrant, with notes of leather, cedar and a floral touch making for a delicate scent. The cap cuts easily causing no damage to the body. The cold draw is easy in resistance and I pick up flavors of hay, cinnamon and tobacco.

The first half is earthy with touches of leather and spice. The burn is sharp and the ash holds tight for 1/2″ – 3/4″ before I chicken out and knock it free. Smoke production is plentiful and weighs nicely on the tongue while the room is left with an earthy, creamy aroma.

In the second half the flavors become fuller the earth and leather are still there but joined by a ginger spice that is present until reaching the end of the cigar. The burn stayed even the entire time never needing a touch up or relight. The amount of smoke was always full and the ash only feel off when tapped free.

At the moment Nova Cigars might be tough to find at your local B&M as they are just starting out but they are growing fast. You can however, purchase either full boxes or single sticks directly from their website and if you have questions about the lines they are always happy to answer if you contact them. Even though they are a “high end luxury cigar” they have plenty to choose from that will not break the bank. With so many great cigars in their catalog I would recommend getting a diverse selection to really see what they have to offer.

Wrapper – Mexican San Andres

Binder – Dominican

Filler – HVA-Dominicano

Price: $9.00


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 pints


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