Generoso by Ferio Tego

Generoso by Ferio Tego

Now here is a cigar that certainly brought a lot of joy; not only to smoke but to review as well. When you read and hear the word Generoso what comes to mind? Generous! I wanted to make sure my facts were correct and they were, Generoso means Generous and that describes the abundant amount of flavor that comes through while smoking this cigar; but first a little about Ferio Tego

“Ferio Tego, LLC is a premium cigar and accessories company launched in 2021 by Michael Herklots, former Vice President of Nat Sherman international, LLC and Brendon Scott, former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Nat Sherman, LLC. In Addition to the company’s flagship Ferio Tego brand the company also owns the “Timeless Collection” and the “Metropolitan Selection” lines of premium cigars as well as the Ancora accessories brand and other brands formerly owned and sold by Nat Sherman, LLC.” (Taken right from Ferio Tego’s website.)

“Ferio Tego is choosing to dare; to take risks and follow dreams, rather than to settle. We continue a legacy of honor in all dealings.” And for this cigar they certainly created a dream come true! 

As I gaze upon this cigar to get ready for a few dry pulls to fully get the complete dimension of the Generoso cigar; the wrapper color has a nice darker than usual sun grown look to it. With the few dry pulls I get a nice cardamom, milk chocolate, with a tad swirl of floral notes. Instantly invoking my glands to salivate and bring a smile to my face knowing I’m in for a treat. 

First light up; I instantly tasted salted milk chocolate with a spicy toasted cashew and a tad nip of black pepper as the layers of goodness unfold. As I begin to smoke the first 1/3rd the spiciness smoothed right out with a salted caramel, milk chocolate, the essence of cardamom still lingers, and that floral note wants to make its presence known. Very good start to this cigar! 

Smoking right into the 2nd 1/3rd of this Generoso; still standing up to its name with huge amounts of flavor coming through to make my palate dance with happiness with some bakers chocolate, a creamy mocha latte yet the sweetness I was tasting went away but, there is a lavish flavor of toasted Brazilian nut’s mixed in with what tastes like coconut to me. Even though that up front sweetness drifted away there is a subtle sweetness that you would naturally get from a bakers chocolate mixed in with ANY nut mixed in with coconut. I have to include that this “Generoso” is very slow and smooth, burning very consistent, and lots of smoke with no draw issues whatsoever. Flavor profile stayed prominent with cedar, milk chocolate, that rich soil/earthiness taste, leather, the sweetness came back with a swirl of floral notes again. 

Down to the last 1/3rd of the cigar and it certainly finished strong. With a wrapper grown in Honduras, binder and fillers both from Nicaragua, and made at the Plasencia Cigar Factory in Nicaragua its no wonder why the profiles really came through especially molasses joining the palate party as I continued to smoke it down to the nub. 

What an amazing cigar and as I read through the website to learn all I could I came across their story “Ferio Tego is never to arrive, but rather to voyage, making brief stops along the way, recognizing achievements and failures alike; and, with humility and thoughtfulness, adjusting course if necessary, to continue the journey. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.” AND that folks is exactly how I felt when I finished this cigar. I was taken on a journey a voyage of a great tasting cigar. 

This cigar only comes in a Toro size (6×50) with a price tag of $21; boxes of 10 at around $210 but worth every penny. Certainly one you should try. In 2021 they were very limited but with this year upon us they will be making it a little more available to find and purchase. Now go find one to enjoy!!

Wrapper –  Honduran

Binder – Nicaraguan

Filler – Nicaraguan


Rating: 4.8 out of 5 pints.

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