Epic La Rubia Robusto

Epic Cigars La Rubia

Welcome back Ruffian family. Today, I’m bringing you a review I promised a couple of weeks ago. I’m tackling a new brand and new cigar, La Rubia, by Epic. Released in 2016, Dean Parsons, owner of Epic cigars, wanted this to be “not your average blonde.” I’m really excited to take this journey with you because I have yet to smoke one before this review. Dean said he worked on this blend for close to a year before he got it how he envisioned. La Rubia (The Blonde) has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder, with fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This cigar is made at the Charles Fairmorn Factory in the Dominican Republic. This is a 5 1⁄2 by 52 Robusto. The MSRP in 2016 was $7.66. After having Dean on our Ruffian Zoom for the release of the VIP Year 4, I was impressed by his knowledge and his demeanor. Dean is a great guy and couldn’t wait to try his sticks. With all the fluff behind us, let’s get into this cigar.

Upon first glance, the wrapper is golden brown with just one prominent vein running the length of the cigar. After straight cutting this bad boy, the cold draw has leather and vanilla. I spark it up with my soft flame lighter and get to the meat and potatoes of this blend.

The beginning starts out super creamy with a hint of nuttiness. The retrohale has some leather with a tiny white pepper bite on the back of the tongue. Further in, a vanilla sweetness starts to show along with some great oakiness coming towards the end of the first third. The draw is perfect as well as the burn. As expected, it’s on the mild/medium range in both flavor and strength.

Pushing into the second third, some black coffee hits me in the face and the finish still has that nuttiness that was prominent in the first third. The retrohale has a bit more white pepper bite than before. The creaminess is still there, albeit much less than when I started. The strength and flavor are more around the medium range as I move toward the end of this third.

Kicking into the last part of the cigar, there is a SIGNIFICANT leap in body. Super dark espresso jumps my palate while the retrohale has some deep leather and wood notes. Cedar, hazelnut, and vanilla all seem to be present with each different draw I take. The smoke output also drastically increased towards the end of the cigar. Amazing draw and construction continue throughout. I smoke it down as far as I could without burning my lips. One of the best final thirds of a cigar I’ve ever had. Medium strength and Med/Full flavor! Wow!

Well, not much more to say than, DAMN! This cigar is just flat-out good! Not only is Dean Parsons a great guy, but his cigars are also Epic! I’m not a huge Connecticut wrapper fan, but they definitely have their place when they are this good. I’ve just started with this brand and if the rest of their portfolio is as good as this, we are all in for a treat. This could be an anytime smoke, not just for the morning. From a novice smoker to a seasoned vet, this cigar has something for everyone. I suggest you give them a try and maybe introduce someone you know to this cigar. There are plenty of retailers that carry these and have them in stock. Grab them up now and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Smoking time was 1 hour and 30 minutes.

T Money score: 4.5/5. Rebuy Box. Enjoy these cigars with your friends. Get a new smoker to try one, it would be a great place to start. As always, do something nice for someone today and until next time, Smoke Well!

Wrapper –  Ecuador

Binder – Mexico

Filler – Nicaragua /Dominican Republic

Website: www.Epiccigars.com

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 pints.

  • Travis Peterson AKA T Money is the Co-Captain of the Arizona/New Mexico Chapter of Distinguished Ruffians. He started his cigar journey in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. Outside of cigars he has a passion for brewing beer, playing guitar, bowling and golf. He is also a self proclaimed grilling and smoking expert. 

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