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AK-47 Cigar Punch From Hollow Point Gear

Hollow Point Gear Cigar PunchWhen it comes to cigar accessories everybody needs a good reliable cutter. Now I know we all have our favorite one that stay with all of our usual cigar accoutrements, whether it’s a guillotine, scissors or a maybe a V notch. However how many times have you ended up somewhere with your travel kit, pulled out the cigar you’ve been looking forward to smoking all day and your lighter then had that “Where the hell is my cutter moment”? So what do you do then? Well you could break out your knife and hope you remembered to sharpen it recently so it’s sharp enough to cut the cap properly without damaging the whole thing (No comments Fran we all know you sharpen your knives religiously) or you could have the convenient AK47 cigar punch from HollowPointGear.com that slips right onto your keys with the attached grenade ring so you always have a solid back up plan.

I’ve had this little guy now for about two months or so now and have used it on at least 30 cigars and AK47 Cigar Puncheach time I’ve had no problems getting a solid, clean punch. It makes for a good draw on the cigar and most importantly doesn’t cause any damage to the wrapper. My only complaint with this thing is that there is no opening on the back of the shell to clear it so the cut caps do build up inside but this in only a minor issue. The bullet cigar punch is handcrafted with a real once-fired AK47 (7.62 x 39mm) bullet casing, and a real once-used (not sure what they did with the grenade after pulling the pin) grenade pin.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these AK47 cigar punches from Hollowpointgear.com. At a cost of $11.99 the first time you need it because you don’t have anything with you to cut that $12.00 stick this guy has already paid for itself. While your on the site be sure to check out their other items as well.

Cost: $11.99

Website: Hollowpointgear.com

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints

Infinity Ammunition

img_9520Just imagine, you’ve just finished building your first two AR-15’s. You set up a day to finally throw a little lead down range at one of the nicest shooting ranges in the area, pay your fee, get your targets and ppe (personal protective equipment) and head to your lanes. All the months of acquiring gun parts, finding deals, and putting it all together comes down to this moment…lock and load, the range line is hot! BANG! That first round goes off flawlessly and just feels sexy, BANG! The second round gives ya a warm and fuzzy in the trousers. Everything is going great and then CLICK… fear comes over you, you got a squib load.

Let’s rewind a month or so prior to that day, to when I got myself 500 rounds of 55 grain .223 ammo from a little company out of Melbourne, FL called Infinity Ammunition. I had found them thru the explore page on Instagram (aint technology great?) and decided to give them a whirl, cause they have some awesome prices. After thoroughly going over my rifles to ensure that it wasn’t a problem with them, the range officer, my highly knowledgeable gun sensei buddy, and myself determined that it was the ammo that was the problem. Needless to say, after spending close to 200 bucks on ammo, I was a little… let down let’s say. The next day I shot them an email about what happened and explained that although it was inconvenient, I understood manufacturing processes and that when you’re pumping out thousands of rounds of ammo per day, there’s a chance you could run across a bad batch due to a multitude of things. Here’s where the impressive part happens, THE NEXT DAY I received a phone call from the CEO of the company apologizing for the mishap and assuring me that it would definitely be made right one way or the other. I decided to send them back the ammo (along with the bad loads I had identified), and like the stand-up company they are, they paid for return shipping. Id estimate a week went by, when the ups man came knocking at my door, it was my new batch of ammo! Infinity’s CEO contacted me again to let me know that it in fact was a batch issue that they had contained, and that they threw in a little extra for the inconvenience. I don’t know about y’all, but that’s top-notch service to me, In a time where most customer service is nonexistent in most companies, they stood out, admitted the fault, and moved forward amicably.

I went to my local indoor range just to put a couple mags worth to the test, ZERO problems. I got to say, I was thoroughly impressed with Infinity Ammunition, and it feels good to support a smaller, in state and fairly local business. They offer round counts of anywhere from 50 up to 10000 ( subject to availability ) and calibers of 9mm, .40, and .45 in pistol and .223 & .300 blackout in rifle, along with reloading supplies and brass, and remanufactured ammunition. They ship thru UPS as well. So if you just so happen to be looking for quality ammo at a very reasonable price, head over to Infinityammo.com and do some looking around, guaranteed you’ll like what you see.

Quality: 4 pints out of 5

Price: Varies

Website:  www.Infinityammo.com


Distinguished Ruffian NC Meet Up/Range Day and Smoke Event



 On November 5th we will be having a range day at in New Hill, NC followed by a meet up at Ansteads Cigar shop in Fayetteville, NC.


Only 25 spots available. Buy your tickets here!

Timeline of Event:

0900-1600 (9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.) DR Range Day

180 Woodland RD

New Hill, NC 27562

Pistol Training, Pistol Competition Round Count 200 Minimum

Rifle Training, Rifle Competition Round Count 200 Minimum

Items to bring for Range Day:

Pistol in good condition

Rifle in good condition

Eye Pro

Ear Pro

Weather appropriate gear

We will be doing Training on both Weapons platforms and a competition between members at the end of Pistol and Rifle

1900-2200 (7:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M)

Ansteads Cigar Shop

 320 N McPherson Church Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303