Gentleman Jim

A Happy Healthier Beard

image3-3So we received a sample of Gentleman Jim’s Beard Oil at DR HQ and the duty to give this stuff a test run fell to me since I have the largest beard at DR HQ and I also didn’t currently use any beard oils, so it would be a true test.

I don’t know about everyone else, but my beard is exposed to some serious elements like heat, sweat, dust/dirt, grease, industrial and man-made gases (that was a fart joke) just to name a few. I have also even singed my beard hair with a cigar lighter or 2 when I’ve had a few too many. Honestly I used to only shampoo and condition my beard and that was it, but I have been looking to do some kind of beard oil treatment to take care of my beard more.

So I started a several week test of the beard oil, I applied after I washed and cleaned my beard. I applied about nickel sized puddle of oil in the palm of my hand, and rubbed it into my beard trying to coat my beard with an even film. The more and more I used the oil, the more I noticed my beard hair was softer, less curly, didn’t turn into a huge rats nest as much and was overall more manageable throughout the day. Like I said I had never used a beard oils or products before so this was a huge step forward for me, no more combs with broken teeth or tangles that almost made me cry, it was like a gift from above but it was just really a gift from Spring, Texas.

Gentleman Jim’s Beard Oil is made in the USA and made of all natural oils, the style I had was Texasimage2-2 Tea, and the smell is strong but has great earthy smell that I liked. He also makes an unscented if you don’t want any smell or your significant others nose isn’t into strong manly smells. Bottles are available in 1oz. and 2oz sizes and can be purchased from there store front and they are willing to ship worldwide so even our International Ruffians can get in on this wonderful stuff. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my end result; I even ordered a 2oz bottle personally so I could continue keeping my beard happy and healthy. Like I always say if you can buy from a small business please do so, it helps out everyday people not just a stock price. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to test out this product guys!


Prices: 1oz bottle is $15 and the 2oz bottle is $25

Rating: 4 out of 5 pints.