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Sons of Anarchy

SOAEver been skeptical of a product that promotes a TV show or film. Well fear not when it comes to the Redwood original! The bad ass bikers “The Sons of Anarchy” have their own sticks for you to sample and enjoy. This truly is the easy way to meet Mr. Mayhem.

Let’s take a look at the branding on this stick. Well there’s no mistaking the Reaper on the band and a nice touch is the tyre track circling the cigar. Redwood Original since 1967 also features prominently.

A deep dark wrapper shows little veining and it lights particularly well. The draw is smooth and requires little effort in getting started. On to the main event and the first flavours to hit are a dark roasted coffee and leather, plenty of deep aromas that settle nicely on the palette. The cigar soon gets into its stride and doesn’t let up. A great ash and even burn give signs of a quality stick. The flavours have evened out and are reminiscent of dry cedar and a peppery bite that lingers at the back of the throat. This bad boy throws up great plumes of smoke and no let up in the flavour.

As the cigar burns down you are treated to more great tastes, the pepper is there and a creaminess hits you at the halfway point bringing a more mellow note to the proceedings. The ash has fallen away now, and there is almost a slight hint of dark chocolate that adds more to the complexity of this great stick.

As always, all good things must come to an end and this doesn’t disappoint. The final third has after notes of burnt coffee and the smoke doesn’t let up!

I thoroughly enjoyed this deeply flavourful cigar. Dark and brooding, I’d say this is more of a Clay Morrow than a Jax Teller. A quality aroma and finish that put to bed the misconception that all branded products aren’t worth their salt. Check out a Son’s if you get the chance, you won’t want to miss this Redwood original.


Article and photo by Distinguished Ruffian member @Ian300