Oliva Baptiste Toro

IMG_7162After reading the press about the new Baptiste made for Famous Smoke Shop by Oliva I finally got to try a couple. If you followed the press release you already know that the name of the cigar was inspired by the character, “Andre Baptiste,” the ruthless Liberian dictator played by Eamonn Walker in the 2005 film, Lord of War. Pretty clever I’d say.

But enough of being clever, lets really talk about this cigar. Like usual we’ll start at visual and physical inspection. The wrapper leaf is a Habano with a natural color. It is fairly smooth and has very minimal veining. The cigar is yielding and spongy to the touch (which for me is how I prefer my tobacco as I tend to chew the end of mine a bit.) but not so soft that it feels damp.

The smell from the body has notes of leather, cedar and a light coffee. From the foot the odor is more prominent and pepper can be detected. Cutting the cap was easy and there were no cracks that could be noticed. Lighting was easy and only took one match to get it going. From the first few draws there was plenty of smoke that weighed well on the tongue to let you know it was there.

The first third was delightful, good body of flavor including coffee tones along with a bit of bitter dark chocolate. The draw was light and required minimal effort as well as the ash stayed tight and even.

On the second third the flavor really opened up. An amazing full flavored red chili flavor came to the front, not that the other flavors are gone but the spiciness is just amazing.

On the last third of the cigar an unexpected sweetness that reminded me of warm caramel snuck in with the spicy flavor creating a unique flavor. This flavor lasted to nearly the end of the stick with only the caramel flavor leaving at the very end but the spice remained.

All in all this was a great cigar and for the price point it be ridiculous not to at least try it. It has a fantastic dynamic of changing flavor throughout the whole stick that should be experienced. The draw stayed easy through the whole cigar and a burn that was even for the duration of my smoke and paired great with my bourbon. Head over to Famous Smoke Shop and pick up some, you wont be disappointed.


Strength: Full

Shape: Toro

Size: 5 1/2 x 54

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper Color: Natural

Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian

Wrapper Leaf: Habano

Website: Famous-smoke.com

Price: 5 for $19.99 or a box of 20 for only $78.99!

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints