Chilling on Church Street


Chilling on Church

In one of the busiest cities in all of Florida, Orlando boasts plenty of options when it comes to getting in a little bit of late night trouble. So, when it’s time to get down and dirty, put on your Saturdays best and head to Church. Church Street is the Mecca for downtown Orlando nightlife and Chillers is a must.

The multi floor night club/ bar is great for scoring cheap drinks, and listening to good music.  Did I mention there is a roof top bar?  (Formally known as Latitudes) Yeah, about that, if the weather is nice then, you will definitely want to be submerged in sea of wild partiers whom, like yourself are trying to see blurred lines by the end of the night.    With fire lanterns and wooden exterior, the roof top definitely offers the best in back porch feel poised on a city back drop.

Hopefully you have been in the gym this week, getting a drink in this place can take a little muscle.  The bar on the roof is long but not always staffed adequately to serve the masses. You can either, whip out your Iphone and start playing Flappy Bird while you wait or, muscle your way through the crowds to land yourself a spot close to the wait station at the end of the bar. Either way is fine when Latitudes drink specials include 3 for 1s (Sat) and $1 drinks (weds).  You read that correct! This is one of the onlybars I know of that offers an official 3-4-1 Power Hour on Saturdays from 10:30-11:30!


If the hustle and bustle of the crazy Latitudes crowd is a bit much for you then head to Big Belly on the 2nd floor. The drinks come quickly, the music still bumps, and the beer pong keeps playing until the 2 am.  You sacrifice the crowd but you gain adult beverages and easy access to a bathroom.  Need I remind you why you are at a bar!


If all else fails, then it’s time to head one more floor down to Chillers on the first floor.  This is the best stop on your way out because after sweating it up on two floors dancing and drinking, nothing cools you down faster than a Chillers frozen daiquiri.  CAUTION, I have saved this spot for last for good reason; easy access to an exit!  After 3-4-1s and 3 floors of drinking you probably will have some slight issue negotiating some of the finer points of walking. Partying here last, you relieve yourself of the nightmare of stairs and free to stumble proudly through the front doors.

So grab your mates, go Chill at Church, and be ready to sing its praises.

Name: Chillers, Big Belly, Latitudes

Location: 33 W. Church Street, Orlando, Fl 32801

Entry Fee: $5

Rating: 3.5 Pints (out of 5)