Partagas Black Label

Partagas Black labelThe Partagas Black Label is an excellent example of the quality and flavor that Partagas Cigars produces. Being a brand that has been around for over 150 years means most people know a little something about them but just to be safe here’s a quick history lesson. Originally founded in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas and then owned by Ramon Cifuentes SR in 1900 followed by his son in 1940. In 1959 during Fidels takeover of Cuba (which included the Partagas factory) Cifuentes JR had to flee and start for all over again to create the brand to what it once was. When he retired in 1994 his long time friend Benji Menendez took over as master blender is still is to this day.

The Black Label looks very dark and has plenty of oily sheen to it. There is some veining but not so much as to make it unappealing. The seams are tight and it is dense and firm to the touch with little give. The smell is very floral and sweet with notes of coffee from the foot. The cold draw is easy and gives flavors of licorice and caramel.

The first half meets you with bold flavor of spices and meat. (Trust me this cigar is akin to eating.) The burn stays even and the smoke production is more than plentiful and has a nice medium weight mouth feel.

Second half – Each draw starts creamy and rich and ends with a full black pepper and chocolate. The burn did have to be touched up but I will blame this on user error as I am sitting outside and there is a fan blowing which is contributing to the uneven burn. Still plenty of smoke.

Partagas spent 10 years perfecting the unique wrapper and the La Vega Especial binder for the Partagas Black Label cigar. It was definitely worth the effort because this has resulted in a fantastic cigar. Full in flavor and a good deal of strength this cigar is perfect for the morning to get you going or nighttime with a nice bourbon. Reasonably priced these are the kind of cigars you’ll want to always have in your humidor.

Wrapper: Connecticut Medio Tiempo
Binder: La Vega Especial from the Dominican Republic
Filler: Nicaraguan Lgero and Piloto Cubano Ligero
Price: $8.50 – $9.50 a stick.
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints