Top Notch Service and Quality

Top Notch Service and Quality

Living in South Florida, sunshine and beaches make a perfect back drop for cruising.  Not too many things top the feeling of lighting up a cigar and cruising in my 1974 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, formally known as “Nita.”  During Nita’s restoration, I had a heavy burden weighing on my mind; approximately 225 pounds to be exact.  In order for me to enjoy the splendor of all the natural beauty Florida has to offer, I had to remove the top of the truck.  Made of fiberglass, glass windows, and reinforced steel, lifting this top off the truck can be quite a burden.   If you think it is hard to convince your friends to get off the couch now, try convincing them to get off the couch and help you lift a heavy, awkwardly shaped top off your truck.   To quote a little Donnie Brasco, “Forget about it.”

Truck 1   Truck 3   Truck 2

     Fortunately the sun shines on a dog’s ass and I was blessed with a solution; out of Boulder, Co.  Offering aftermarket soft tops for a variety of auto makers, the tough durable material was a perfect substitute for my heavy hard top.  What normally would have taken me about 10 minutes, coordination with friends, a case of beer and potential back injury has been quickly reduced to approximately 2 minutes of hassle free top removal.  The top also adds a little flare to the old girl.  There are three options for cruising with this top on your cruiser.

     Full Top On:                                     Rolled Up:                                      Top Down:

Truck 4   Truck 5   Truck 6

During my purchase the people from Soft Topper were great.  Before I made the purchase I emailed the folks at Soft Topper just to alleviate some of the concerns I had with purchasing the top.   The responses were quick and to the point.  This gave me more confidence in making the purchase from them.  Not to mention the shipping was pretty quick coming from Colorado to Florida.

After having this top installed for the last eight (8) months I can honestly say it has been one of my best purchases for my K5.  I highly recommend considering this canvas top if for nothing less than the convenience of quick top removal.  To top things off, the awesome customer service does not stop after they have your cash.  They are available to help you with any of your top concerns; all you have to do is give them a buzz.  I misplaced a few parts associated with my top.  I called and the folks at Soft Topper sent me replacement parts free of charge!  This is one of those rare cases where the high quality of the service is matched by the high quality of the product.

Gentlemen save your backs, your time and your beer!  Grab yourself a Soft Topper.

Name: Soft Topper                                                      Truck 7

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Cost: $849.00


Rating: 5 pints (Out of 5)

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