Drew Estate’s Undercrown

IMG_0151Since our giveaway right now is a six pack of Undercrown figured we should get a review up. By now I think the story is well known how Undercrown came about, but incase you haven’t heard I’ll sum up briefly. Drew Estate allows their rollers to smoke any of their cigars they have in production. The rollers loved the #9 so much that it created a shortage of the cigars. Drew Estate reluctantly told the rollers they had to stop smoking that cigar and instead of whining about it the rollers made a new blend using different priming of the same tobacco. The new blend was so good that Drew Estate decided to market it to the public and that is how we got Undercrown. This doesn’t mean that Drew Estates is saying this can replace No. 9’s just that it is a good alternative.

Today I smoked the Undercrown Gran Toro. It’s size is 152mm and has a 52 ring gauge. The wrapper is a rich dark chocolate color with some visible veins yet it is smooth to the touch.  The construction is solid with a decent amount of filler to make the cigar firm but still flexes nicely when pressure is applied. I store my cigars at 72% humidity, which could account for some of the flexibility in the tobacco however I have picked these up from smoke shops and found them to feel the same. The wrapper and the foot had the smell of leather, old books, and a hint of chicory root.

The cigar lights quickly and evenly. The draw is easy but not loose. Again, a sign that the construction is of quality. The amount of smoke given off by this cigar is extensive. The quality of the smoke is also excellent and full but light on the tongue. The flavor is medium and has spiced notes mixed with a bit of coffee and at the end, cream. The flavor held consistent throughout the majority of the cigar with only a few changes at the end (that aren’t worth mentioning) and was enjoyable all the way through.

In total this is a great cigar that everyone should at least try. The construction and flavor are fantastic the smoke is exponential and the price is great. I give this one four out of five pints.


Wrapper: San Andres

Origin: Nicaragua

Shapes: Belicoso, Corona, Double Corona, Gordo, Robusto, Toro

Brand: Drew Estate


Rating: 4 out of 5 pints

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