Southern Hospitality

sh1When I arrived in South Carolina, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I would encounter a painful history and the occasional southern twang but I definitely got more than I bargained for. Being raised in New Castle, Delaware, I was not accustomed to the proverbial Southern Hospitality. Frankly, for 28 years, I thought that was just a, “BS,” phrase southerners used to set themselves apart from the rest of the country. I can honestly say after my visit to Charleston that I was wrong.

In an attempt to get a feel for the city and the culture, my girlfriend and I decided we would stay at the Ansonborough Inn, located in the heart of Charleston’s historic district. Originally a three-story-stationer’s warehouse, the transformation from warehouse to hotel can be described as nothing less than exceptional. Covered in red brick and large wooden pillars, I couldn’t help but feel like I had been transported back to colonial times.

Pleased by what I had already seen, I went to the front desk and bam, I was hit with that Southern twang. I rather enjoyed the twang and, the personnel at the front desk were great. Not only were they accommodating to us, but because of the availability of rooms during our stay, we were upgraded to a junior suite free of charge. So off to the third floor we went.

We entered the room and we couldn’t have been happier. It was beautiful. Broken into two separate rooms, the Junior Suite came with a relaxing lounge area and a spacious bedroom. The lounge area consisted of a flat screen TV inside a wooden armoire, large leather sofa, work desk, and a kitchenette. It was perfect for killing time between events or even coming back and playing rummy while enjoying some craft beer.

sh2    sh3    sh0

The bedroom consisted of a nice queen sized bed, mounted flat screen, dresser, night stands and large bathroom. Actually, the bed was so nice we had a hard time leaving it to go on our excursions. The room really made us feel like we were home. We ended up getting so comfortable that we decided to stick our, “Please Do Not Disturb,” sign on the door.

To this, the hotel staff responded with true Southern Hospitality. Instead of the normal hunt down for someone to bring us towels or other items we had exhausted, we were greeted each afternoon with a beautiful wicker basket full of all the items that would normally have been replaced by the hotel staff. Something so minor in nature went a long way in with us. They truly respected our privacy and allowed us the quality time we truly wanted to achieve.

sh5       sh7

As if the room and hotel décor were not enough to have us singing Ansonborough Inn’s praises, free wine (red and white), cheese, fruit, and cookies were offered from 5pm to 6pm daily. So of course, our schedule revolved around this happy hour. There was no way a wino and a cheese-junkie would miss out on something so awesome.

So, for all you non-believers, Southern Hospitality is real. This beautiful hotel and wonderful staff is one shining example of that. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the Ansonborough Inn and would highly recommend this hotel to any couples visiting the Charleston area.


Price: $180.00 – $232.00


Pints: 4.5 pints (out of 5)


Negatives: Parking is $15 a day.


Local Attractions: Fort Sumter, Charleston Aquarium, Boones Hall Plantation (Mt. Pleasant S.C.)


Web Site:


Address: 21 Hasell Street CHARLESTON, SC 29401


Phone: (843)723-1655


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