Love Sick


Have you ever found yourself on the nursing end of a relationship? Your significant other is snuggled up in the covers, coughing, nose running, and for lack of better words, not the embodiment of beauty that you are accustom to. You hate to leave her in that vulnerable state however, work is calling. Well here is a little idea that may help with the separation anxiety and if nothing less will gain you brownie points for a “thinking outside of the box” effort. Create her a “Love Sick” care package.Prepare the gift bag by placing 2 sheets of gift paper in the bottom of the bag. Place orange juice, OTC medicine, and chicken noodle soup over top of the previously laid pieces of gift bag paper. Take the remaining paper and fill the open spaces inside of the gift bag. Fill out your get well card and be sure to leave a sweet message for your significant other. It doesn’t need to be a biography but just enough to let her know you were thinking about her.

To make a “Love Sick” Care package you will need:

1. Gift Bagls1
2. Gift Bag Paper
3. Small Orange Juice
4. Over the counter medicine
5. Microwaveable Chicken Noodle Soup
6. Get Well Card

This small gesture can cost you less than $20 and mean the world to someone who you truly care about. There aren’t many small investments that guarantee high returns.

Take care of your lady at her weakest and enjoy her at her best. Ruffians, put on your scrubs it’s time to play love doctor.

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