The 5 Vegas-Relic Perfecto 5.75 X 54

photo.PNGA glorious box to match a glorious cigar? Absolutely! 5 Vegas have come up trumps with this special edition. Take one of these Relics out of the box, and it’s like Indiana Jones with the Holy Grail. Except this Relic goes up in smoke. Only comes in one size a very healthy 5.75 X 54 Perfecto.

A dark oily Corojo wrapper envelopes the Dominican blends within. So, let’s light up this bad boy! The aroma is amazing, reminiscent of a deep dark espresso. As you take your first puff you are hit with a subtle mix of flavors, black coffee and raisins with a peppery aftertaste on the palette.

The burn was excellent, even all the way down with a great ash. It took me around 1 1/2 hours to smoke the Relic and it’s a smoke that I would happily try again. Become a Relic hunter, track these down. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Article by Distinguished Ruffian Member @ian300

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