Lifetrak Move C300

C300Being an athlete and enjoying the benefits of being fit, I often look for health products claiming to be the ‘best on the market.’ When I stumble upon most products and supplements claiming to be this, I am usually met with disappointment. However, when I happened to find the Lifetrak Move C300 fitness watch, I got everything I needed in a fitness aid and more.C300.1

I put the Move C300 on, input my information, and took it out for a test. I went out and ran about 2 miles around my neighborhood and waited to see how the watch worked. It was great. The watch responded very well to my run and at the end of it, I got a little geeky and watched the numbers flow. The watch tracks not only your steps taken, but the calories burned, and distance traveled. Sometimes having a visual aid helps me get through a workout and this definitely gave me a boost.

When paired with the Argus Fitness App, this tool becomes even more powerful. The pairing provides you with a tracking mechanism for your day to day activities. I often do my workouts, then sync my phone to the app, and watch the magic. The data from my watch seamlessly transfers to my iPhone and displays in a very user-friendly way. Each of the items tracked on my Move C300 is put into categories and are made available for filtering. This allows me to see how I am progressing toward my fitness goals on a regular basis.

C300.2C300.3The watch has been a great tool for me and my quest towards improving my athletics and maintaining my fitness. I think it is an awesome tool for any Ruffian trying to get back on track with their fitness goals.




Name: LifeTrak Move C300

Cost: $79.99


Rating: 5 pints (Out of 5)

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