Gurkha-Black Ops

photo.PNGGurkha, a name synonymous with the warrior elite. The Black Ops in my opinion fell a little short of this high standard. The Kaizad Hansotia brand is all about luxury and I wonder if the Black Ops is trading off the name a little?
On to the stick.. A Maduro wrapped binder with Cuban seeded long fillers. As it’s lit you’re immediately hit with a huge gust of smoke and a deep hit of dark chocolate. The smoke didn’t let up at all, but for me personally I was disappointed with the lack of other flavours. I’ve heard of espresso, leather and spice, but I struggled to pinpoint these. The ash was perfect, right to the end of this 90 minute stogie.
Have I been spoilt by Gurkhas other brands, Evil, Beast and Red Witch, maybe? Would I try another, absolutely! After all, all Black Op missions can be hit and miss.


Article by Distinguished Ruffian member @Ian300

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