McClelland Tobacco Company’s Beacon

Beacon1I bought a tin of beacon on a recommendation from @themanredbeard. I have been looking to try more Virginia blends since I am mostly an English blend smoker. Upon opening the tin my nose was met with this smell of ketchup and vinegar (this is a common thing with McClelland Beacon2Virginias). I was worried that that I wouldn’t like this tobacco based on the smell. Let me tell you something do not ignore this blend because of the smell.

Beacon3As I packed the first bowl, I used my Peterson XL12 with a P-Lip stem (I rubbed the flake out and then gravity filled the pipe); after it was filled I started with a false light, when I lit the pipe I was greeted with a sweet sugary taste, slightly tangy like a BBQ sauce. I then proceeded and lit the pipe; man I just knew this was going to be a great smoke. The baccy stayed sweet and smoked very cool all the way to the half way point. When I hit the halfway point the flavor profile shifted some and was now a sweet lemony hay taste. To say the least it was glorious. There was some spice from the perique but it was a nice light spice not too hard on the mouth.

Beacon4Judah said this blend will make your mouth water and at the half way point it did just that I couldn’t stop it was just so good. There was no tongue bite for me. As I came upon the end the spice disappeared and it was full on Virginias it was amazing. There was a small amount of bite at the very end but I think that was because my cadence picked up and I was puffing a little quicker than I usually do.

All in all I smoked half a tin over the weekend and I am now a lover of this blend. I will say if you are a fast smoker you may burn your tongue. I did notice on the third bowl it was a little bitey for me but it was still enjoyable


Reviewed by- @scottishruffian13

Blend Type- Virginia / Perique ( VaPer)

Contents- Virginia and Perique

Topping(flavoring)- None

Strength- Medium

Tin Note- Ketchup Vinegar smell

Room Note- Pleasant to bearable, 6 out of 10 on my wife’s smell scale (She lets me know if it stinks)

Cut- Broken Flake


Rating: 4.5 pints out of 5.

The cheapest place I found to get this blend was at P&C here is a link to buy it,

I hope you enjoyed the review!

Lance- @scottishruffian13



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