Degenerate Cigars

imageA new cigar company is coming out and it happens to be from one from one of our own members. When we heard this was happening we had to grab the opportunity to talk them for a bit and find out what it’s all about and not surprisingly there was more to it than just being a new cigar company. After talking to Sawyer for a few minutes it was obvious that this was something that we wanted to help spread the word about.

Here’s a little bit of what we talked about and what Sawyer had to say about his cigars.

“Currently I’m an Army Ranger however I’m in the process of becoming a civilian. Through my company I hope to raise awareness of several issues that plague our Special Operations community chief among them being the rate of veteran suicides. I plan on donating a portion of the profits from every cigar sold to a carefully selected military themed charity. (Lead the Way foundation, Dry Hooch, Special Operations Warrior foundation, ect) The cigars that are being made will all be done in small batches however the quality will be very high.

According to our rollers we have a release date hopefully end of January or February we have a Facebook of and an email of [think about asking for a preorder everybody]
Because I’m still in the military Im working with several state agencies as to which tobacco taxes I’ll be paying because I’m a “special case”.

The sticks are going to be sold in bundles of 10 for 100$ were estimating that around 10-15% of those dollars will be going to the charities mentioned. Keeping it military themed. The Ruffians are a great following and I’m hoping to make a difference with the money raised.”

What more could we really say about this? From what we’ve seen the cigars are very well constructed and have a great burn. (Just look at the photo above.) Degenerate Cigar Co is veteran owned an operated and it’s a great idea with a great purpose behind it. We’re proud to support his idea and hope to see it do well. Currently you can follow them on Instagram @DegenerateCigars.

Make sure you follow him and like his Facebook page. Feel free to shoot over emails asking for more information and ordering possibilities.

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