Buy or Build an AR

AR1Should you buy a AR or build one? Well learn from my experience when I tell you that building an AR is going to bed a better option but why?

Ok let’s say you go buy a decent Ar-15 for $1,000. Well what’s the first thing you are going to replace… the stock so you go spend $60 on a new magpul stock. Next you wanna be like the cool kids and get a NiB bolt carrier group for $250. Then you want a quadrail so you drop another $250. Then you buy a new charging handle for $80. You then buy a grip for $25. Well your trigger isn’t that great so you go buy one for $200. You keep shooting your new ar that you decked out and find out that you have to keep cleaning it every time you shoot it so you spend $300 on a piston driven gas system. So let’s take a look at what you have spent… $2,165 and you have all these extra parts (which I hate).

So let’s look at building one, I’ll break down mine. A billet upper and lower for $300. Magpul UBR stock for $300. For a buffer and buffer spring $25. Magpul grip for $30. CMMG trigger kit for $80. So know the lower portion of the Ar is done, now to the upper. A WMD NiB bolt carrier group for $250. A raptor charging handle for $80. Barrel for $150. Gas block and tube for $90. Quadrail for $200. Muzzle break for $100. Some Troy battle sights for $200. Finally a foregrip for $30. Now let’s look at the final price… $1,835 that’s a lot better price. Now you have your dream gun with NO extra parts for less than the Ar-15 that you just decked out above.

Now this price is just for the one I built prices can vary depending on what you pick and what caliber you want. There’s endless options and it can get a lot more expensive then what I listed above. I like to think that Building an Ar-15 is the manly version of Legos. Again I would recommend building an Ar over buying one.


Article by Distinguished Ruffian member @sam___Hansen

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