Psyko Seven Nicaragua

PSyKo SEVEN Nicaragua The Psyko Seven Nicaragua is the most recent collaboration between Ventura Cigar Co. and Nicaraguan cigarmaker Indiana Ortez. It is rolled entirely with Nicaraguan tobaccos and according to Ventura, all the tobacco except the wrapper, used in the Psyko Seven Nicaragua blend was grown by the Ortez family. The Nicaraguan wrapper is said to be from a 2007 crop that was grown using a desflorado process. (Don’t recommend google searching that one so just click the link to the definition.)

The wrapper is light golden brown in color with light veining which gives it a smooth feel to the touch. Construction wise it feels full and firm and does not give much when pressure is applied. It offers the smell of raisins and tea leaves. The cap cuts with no damage caused to the wrapper. The cold draw is easy and the flavor reminds me of coriander with a hint of sweetness and another flavor that is familiar but I can not place it.

During the first half starts off peppery but then quickly mellows into a creamy flavor. The smoke production is full but light adding to the creamy texture of the cigar. The burn is even and the ash holds tightly until choosing to knock it off.

The second half the creaminess retreated to the back and more of a pepper and earth flavor come to the forefront. While there was this change in flavor the latte like flavor and feel of the cigar does not disappear. The burn stays sharp for the duration of the smoke and the ash is tight but does start to fall off quicker than the first half.

This cigar was an enjoy to smoke, from construction to flavor it was done right. Easy enough to smoke for a rookie and intriguing enough for the self described aficionado. Ventura is doing a great job adding to their cigar portfolio and I hope to continue seeing more added. If you want to know more about their cigars give the original PSyKo SEVEN review a read by clicking here.

Wrapper – Nicaraguan Connecticut

Binder – Nicaraguan

Filler – Nicaraguan

Price: Around $8.50 depending on location


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints


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