20 Acre Farm From Drew Estate

20 Acre Farm Drew Estate

This 20 Acre Farm by Drew Estate took me back to when my Grandmother used to live in Hopewell Junction, NY., tons of farming areas. In fact she lived on a relatively small farm herself with my step grandfather. Beyond their land there was more and more land. The scents that filled the air, the tranquility you feel and most definitely that rich deep nourishing soil that lingers in the breeze is all around. Kind of like when I read Jonathan Drew’s (Founder and President of Drew Estate) statement regarding the 20 acre farm where they grew the tobacco in Florida. “The brand promise speaks to our love affair with this 20-acre plot of dirt in Florida that we continue to nourish year after year. Our brand promise is actually to the farm, kinda like that book [the little engine that could] we’re simply in love with that farm!” Especially WE, as cigar enthusiasts, knowing where are good tobacco comes from, we have to pay our homage to the farm lands just as Drew Estate created here with their new 20 Acre Farm release. 

Speaking of release, 20 Acre Farm made its debut on the November 2021 edition Freestyle Live. The cigar had been released as a “mystery cigar” as a part of an event package leading up to that Freestyle Live. The Florida Sun Grown tobacco was grown on Jeff Borysiewicz’s farm, he stated “The amount of fun I experienced unveiling 20 Acre Farm with Drew Estate during Freestyle Live Special Edition was intense and I’m extremely proud of the cigar” he continues on by saying “20 Acre Farm is a masterpiece that showcases our Florida Sun Grown tobacco while enhancing the sophisticated smoking characteristics of the other tobaccos in the blend, especially the Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper. As a premium cigar retailer for more than 20 years, I can’t wait to offer 20 Acre Farm to my customers and I’m looking forward to hearing what other premium tobacconists think of the cigar.” Without further a due let’s get into my review of this 20 Acre Farm. 

And just like that with my first couple of cold draws the 20 Acre Farm takes you to a place as if you were standing on some farm land (at least for me anyway). I picked up Earthy, sweet grass, very light essence of soil and almost like smelling that farm breeze that fills your nostrils. Having my palate ready; wondering what kind of journey I will be on through the enjoyment of this cigar I couldn’t wait any longer. Time to light up! 

Upon light up; I knew right away with that soft, light, creamy, cedar, earthy, citrus, white pepper notes it was going to be a mild cigar. Embarking on the 1st third of the 20 Acre Farm I was picking up citrus, my glands were activated so that saline taste was coming through, there was a sweetness that came through and not your typical sweetness but what came to mind was stevia, sometimes called candyleaf, sweetleaf or sugarleaf incase you are not familiar with stevia. It’s a different kind of sweetness yet it is a plant ground up to a powder form. Along with the current profiles I’m picking up; I also tasted an oily covering that encompassed my palate. Not a bad taste at all, more of like an oily taste that you would get if you folded an orange peel, then pinched down, and let those oils from the peel hit your palate. As I get down to that last little bit of the 1st third of 20 Acre Farm some white pepper and floral notes crept in. 

Continuing onward to the 2nd third of this wonderful Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper, Sun Grown Habano binder, and fillers from Esteli and Jalapa as well as Florida Sun Grown leaf, the flavor profiles are continuing to impress. The floral, earthy, citrus note still hang around but some other notes crept in; a creamy caramel, toasted nut butter and a hint of cassis (black current) enter the palate party room along with some chocolate drizzled popcorn. It’s not an upfront in your face chocolate taste, it’s very subtle but that popcorn taste is what came to mind. No salt or butter just some good old fashion air popped popcorn with that ever so light taste of chocolate in the background. 

In the last third of the cigar everything pretty much stays consistent; floral, citrus, cedar, creaminess with a few other profiles that introduced themselves. The chocolate, cassis, and popcorn taste drifted away but in came some toffee, honey, toasted salted peanuts, and a hint of cinnamon joined the mix. Very smooth and DEFINETLY creamy all the way until the 20 Acre Farm was right down to the nub. I’m going to rate this cigar 4.5 out of 5. As someone who like heavier, fuller bodied cigars to me it was missing that “Oomph” because it is a medium body cigar but by NO MEANS am I saying ANYTHING negative or think poorly of this cigar. I enjoyed the journey, enjoyed the profiles, even enjoyed the prices of 20 Acre Farm; Robusto (5 ¼ x 54) $12.40, Toro (6×52) $13.40 & Gordito (6×60) $15.40 all per cigar.

Finally I will leave this article by quoting more words from Jonathan Drew in regards to this cigar “20 Acre Farm is a brand with both purpose and promise. While many of ya’ll might think of Drew Estate as a bunch of roughneck reservoir dogs, this is really only partially true. We also have a very elegant side to us, a classy side if you will. The elegance of 20 Acre Farm is unquestionable, as that luxurious creamy bomb coats the palate with layer after layer of butta and more butta. It’s just so smooth it’s crazy.” And there you have it folks spoken by the Founder and President of Drew Estate himself. You’re only next step is to start your search for this wonderful 20 Acre Farm! Enjoy!!

Wrapper –  Ecuadoran Connecticut

Binder – Honduran

Filler – Nicaraguan/United States

Website: www.drewestate.com

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 pints.

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