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Drew Estate Announces “The Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021”

Drew Estate Goodwill Act

Drew Estate announces “The Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021” initiative designed to honor the spirit of the 2021 Barn Smoker Program and the DE25 Celebration by deploying a token of appreciation to those who purchased tickets to attend these events that were unfortunately cancelled or postponed due to the rise of the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

The Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021 will be executed in the following manner – All those who purchased a ticket from Drew Estate for any of the three Barn Smoker events scheduled for 2021 (Connecticut, Kentucky and Florida) or DE25 will receive a Goodwill Gift Pack featuring new and never before seen Drew Estate swag items that are specifically designed to lift the spirits of those who received the sad news of our cancellation.  The Goodwill Gift Packs will be shipped out by Drew Estate in mid-December. In addition, Drew Estate is immediately donating another $50,000.00 to the Cigars for Warriors program, as a mission-critical component of providing cigars to our deployed men and women overseas.

From Lubbock, TX, Storm Boen, Co-Founder of Cigars for Warriors, notes, “The past two years have been a challenge for CFW, as these large events act as a major fundraiser for our charity. We would like to thank Drew Estate for continuing year after year to step up and support the deployed men and women of this country. It means the world to them and to us. For everyone else, please visit www.cigarsforwarriors.org to see how you can support our mission.”

From Sag Harbor, NY, Jonathan Drew, President and Founder of Drew Estate, adds, “In 2014 we created the Barn Smoker Program with the desire to define the American Tobacco Experience while deepening the bond of fellowship between Drew Estate and our loyal fans. We have never forgotten that original meaning and purpose, so today during our 25th Anniversary we are most proud to present the Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021. Thank you to everyone who has supported Drew Estate for 25 years, allowing us the privilege to be part of your lives and community. Please continue to show love and support of CFW because they need us now more than ever!”

If you have any questions regarding the Drew Estate Goodwill Act of 2021 please email consumerengagement@drewestate.com.

Undercrown 10

Undercrown 10

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with making a new and better blend. Drew Estate has done just that with the Undercrown 10. I’m sure most of us remember when he original Undercrown came out offering a less expensive alternative to the Liga Privada No. 9 and T-52. Created, almost out of necessity, by the blending team when told they could no longer smoke Ligas, as an effort to keep enough product to fill orders. Because of it being such a grassroots creation the Undecrown was labeled as being “Born On The Factory Floor” and since then there has been the addition of the Undercrown Shade and Undercrown Sungrown and now a fourth has been added to the regular production line with the Undercrown 10. “Like all other Undercrown cigars, Undercrown 10 is born on the factory floor and celebrates Nicaraguan tobacco heritage and the people who work at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, but Undercrown 10 is just a little bit more special than the other cigars in the line. Anticipate a cigar with tobaccos that are aged a little longer than other Undercrown cigar tobaccos. Expect a cigar that’s spicier and bolder than other Undercrown offerings too.” The Undercrown 10 is different than the original with its use of a more premium selection of the San Andrés maduro wrapper seen on the original Undercrown Maduro blend, harvested from the highest tobacco priming available. They then use Connecticut Broadleaf binder and rare Nicaraguan leaves throughout the filler.

I like the “All Dekk’d Out” look of the cigar, with the foot band, ribbon and double band across the top third, but of course most of that needs to be removed to really see it. Once the foot is uncovered and the ribbon is removed I get a good look at the dark brown wrapper. It is slightly oily with some visible veining and a few bumps along the body giving it some character. Now I don’t know if this was intentional or a happy accident but when looking at the cigar under lighting the ribbon has appeared to have left some small specks of gold color on the wrapper above the main band that shine if the light hits them right, giving it an even more regal look. The smell from the body is sweet and floral and from the foot I pick up earth and dried fruit. The cold draw is easy and the flavor is all aged sweet tobacco to me.

The first third starts off quite spicy and a bit chocolatey. I don’t make these sort of wild flavor comparisons but for a moment I thought it tasted like an horchata margarita from Cava de Tequila in Epcot. (That quickly went away as soon as I thought about how pretentious that sounded.) The rest of the first third keep a good spice and pepper flavor. The burn was even and like pretty much all DE cigars there was plenty of smoke to fill the room.

In the second third the pepper begins to fade toward the back and earth and cream notes move forward followed by a bit of bitter dark chocolate. The burn stays consistent, as the construction is solid and of course there’s all that smoke.

At the final third the cigar becomes very creamy to an almost buttery smooth constancy along with a bit of woodiness. The pepper and spice are faint on the retrohale and can be noticed on the finish. Pedro Gomez had commented that there is the flavor of sun dried cherries which I did not notice until I put the cigar down and discovered that the lingering flavor I had was indeed cherries. The burn stayed sharp for the entire production and the medium weighted smoke always satisfied.

I’ve always been partial to the Undercrown line as it came out shortly after I began smoking and wasn’t comfortable spending Liga prices while developing my palate. It gave a solid stick at a fair price and introduces you to quality tobacco. With the Undercrown 10 they step it up a notch with even better tobacco and a new blend that is a real pleasure to smoke. The Undercrown 10 is something I will be keeping in my humidor and part of my regular rotation. With its style it could be smoked by pretty much anyone and pairs well with either tea, coffee, a nice bourbon or peaty scotch. Look for these cigars in your B&M stores and don’t be affraid to buy a box you won’t regret it.

Wrapper – Mexican San Andrés

Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler – Rare Nicaraguan

Price: Around $12.00

Website: https://drewestate.com

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 pints

Undercrown Dogma Sungrown

Dogma SungrownThe Undercrown Dogma Sungrown, set to be released in August 2020, comes six years after Dojo and Drew Estate teamed up to make the Undercrown Dogma Maduro. Since Cigar Dojo awarded Drew Estate’s Undercrown Sun Grown the No.1 Cigar of the Year in 2017 it’s no large surprise that this would be the next collaboration between the two.

“The Undercrown Dogma Sun Grown features an Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed sun-grown wrapper, a Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut/Cured sun-grown Habano binder, and all Nicaraguan fillers, including extensively aged ligero from Nicaragua’s rarely used Nueva Segovia region. Like the original Dogma, the Dogma Sun Grown boasts a box-press shape, boasting an amped-up 5″ x 54 format, as chosen by the Cigar Dojo staff in collaboration with Willy Herrera, master blender for Drew Estate. In the spirit of the Dogma, the cigar performs with more intensity than the core-line blend it was built upon.”

The wrapper is silky with light veining and a nice oily sheen. Milk chocolate in color and slick feeling to the touch this cigar is firm and dense with little yield when pressure is applied. It has the smell of coffee, cedar and a bit of pepper from the foot. The cap cuts fine causing no damage to the body. From the cold draw the flavor is rich sweat tobacco.

The first half is spicy, salty and creamy, just full of flavor. There is loads of smoke production and it burns evenly. The ash holds tight for about 1/2″ at a time and leaves the room with a pleasant aroma.

In the second half the flavor profile remains fairly the same but a bit of roasted nuts is now Dogma Sungrownnoticeable. While I generally don’t discus the retrohale there is a light cinnamon note that can be found and is worth commenting on. The smoke production does not fail and the burn remains sharp for the entirety of the cigar.

This cigar was a real pleasure to smoke, while robust in flavor it was medium in stregnth so it doesn’t leave you with those nicotine jitters. Solid in construction you can tell the care that was taken when these were rolled. With the release right around the corner be sure to keep an eye out at your local Drew Diplomate brick and mortar stores for these to appear on the shelves and when they do grab as many as you can.

Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder – Connecticut River Valley (Stalk Cut/Cured)

Filler – Nicaraguan

Price: $10.20 per stick (offered exclusively through Drew Diplomat-authorized retailers).

Website: Drewestate.com

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints