Joya de Nicaragua

Joya Red: Joya Series Part 4 of 5

Joya Red

Here we have it folks, the Joya Red, the very first Joya within the Joya line released back in 2014, as a 100% Nicaraguan everything (wrapper, filler, & binder). The company Joya de Nicaragua describes the Joya Red as a “vibrant, classy, extremely pleasant, and was made for the modern smoker”. It’s been just about 8 years now since its release and not just the Joya Red but the whole Joya line has established a great foundation of pleasurable smokes. 

I’ve always been a fan of the Joya line since they were launched into the cigar industry and have been blessed with the opportunity to try each of them as they were released. While each has been a very enjoyable journey, the Joya Red stands out, after all it was the very first to be introduced. With this being my forth review within the JDN line of cigars (all of them receiving high praises and all enjoyed) I’ll get right to the review! 

Starting with a cold draw, first I pick up wood and spice which to me; makes everything nice! The richness of tobacco comes through and some light essence of floral notes gets my saliva going; I’m ready to light up! 

Just as I expected; right away as I light up, there is a rich coffee, cream, some toasted nut with some semi-sweet chocolate to top it off. Burning right into the first third of the Joya Red some red pepper joins the party. There is this spice with a zip of earthiness that encompasses the palate while all those other notes swirl around from front to back, back to front. Joya Red is very unique with how the palate catches the various profiles. Some cedar notes come through to drive it all home as, in my opinion, the perfect balance to start a great cigar! 

As I continue to burn into the second third of the cigar the red pepper spice calms down to a white pepper, the semi-sweet chocolate blends into a rich chocolate, kind of like a latte turning into a mocha. You get that creaminess just with a more rich mocha profile. Even though this is not a maduro cigar the combination of well grown Nicaraguan tobacco makes that richness come through. I am still picking up toasted nuts while some light leathery notes become present also. The burn is consistent, it produces plenty of smoke and the draw is really nice thus far. 

Burning down into the last third of the Joya Red, interestingly enough, some deep fruit profiles come through. Reminds me of dates and black cherries while the white pepper turns into black pepper, the mocha remains with that mocha sweetness taste, the spice remains yet this spice profile taste for me has a cinnamon essence and of course the toasted nuts still hold strong. Over all the Joya Red has great construction, well rounded burn, and lots of smoke. It’s amazing when you have had a cigar more than once, twice, or ten times, each time might be a slightly different experience; just like I have experienced here. I love being able to have a cigar that I have had more than ten times through my 20+ years of cigar smoking and this journey really made a difference with how I view this cigar. Remembering that I had picked up some of the profiles previously, at the same time I spent my time one on one with the Joya Red and what I picked up was far different than my previous experiences with this cigar. 

With the ease of locating, the affordability, and the flavor profiles I will most certainly rate this cigar a 4 out of 5 pints. There are plenty of choices when it comes to vitolas also; sold in boxes of 20 and individually of course; Joya Red Short Churchill (4 ¾ x 48) $110.99, Joya Red Robusto (5 ¼ x 50) $123.99, Joya Red Toro and a box press Toro (6×52) $131.99, Joya Red Canonazo (5 ½ x 54) $130.99 and if you enjoy the Cigarillos then Joya Red comes in those sizes as well (4×32) pack of 10 $9.25. [Prices will vary of course depending on location.] If you have never tried one yet, then it’s a must. Joya Red is a medium body profile with not a whole lot of strength so even if you’re a full body smoker or a mild smoker you will still be able to enjoy this delicious cigar! Cheers and Enjoy!!

Wrapper – Nicaraguan H. Crillo

Binder – Nicaraguan

Filler – Nicaraguan


Rating: 4 out of 5 pints

  • William O’Connor, AKA Billy Kartwheels, is the Co-Captian of the Distinguished Ruffians NY Chapter. Billy has had an interesting life, going through college, being in the Navy and living on a submarine, he has visited 48 states (hitchhiking through 35) of them and even lived in a Hare Krishna monastery for some time. After having numerous brushes with death durring his travels he has decided it was best to take it easy and appreciate life to its fullest all while smoking a cigar at the same time. 

Joya Black: Joya Series Part 3 of 5

Joya Black

Sometimes there are things in life are truly Black and white, plain and simple, and although the label of the Joya Black has a black and white label there is nothing plain or simple about this cigar from Joya de Nicaragua to be wrapped with a San Andres wrapper. The Joya Black was the second release within the “Joya” line. It was back in 2016 at the IPCPR Convention and Trade Show when the Joya Black was released into the cigar industry. 

I remember when they were released because it was around that time when I was starting to educate myself on the company Joya de Nicaragua. I remember reading about how the Joya line was meant to bridge Joya de Nicaragua’s rich history with the modern contemporary cigar enthusiast in mind. A cigar that has rich, robust, Nicaraguan tobacco (binder and filler) without an overpowering strength, and that Mexican San Andres wrapper to bring it all together; sounds pretty “plain and simple”, “black and white” yet the appearance and taste profile will certainly express differently! This all just my opinion so let’s get into taking a couple of cold draws, light this beauty up, and enjoy! 

Such a nice espresso color to this cigar, the smell is so deep and rich from that Nicaraguan soil with an ever so slight oily look to it. Upon taking a couple of cold draws I immediately get that nice maduro sweetness with some mocha notes and a hint of wood, certainly got the glands salivating and ready to light up. 

Upon light up there was an instant white pepper and espresso rush that trampled my palate to certainly wake up the senses to start to fully indulge in this already great cigar. As I continued the first third that white pepper calmed down but a rich sweetness of tobacco came through strong with a swirl of espresso dancing about. Certainly some rich and creamy dark chocolate came to mind as I continued to enjoy the Joya Black. Brown sugar and butter mixed with some nice coffee is what this taste reminds me of. 

As I continued onto the second third the profiles are stayed quite strong yet at the same time changed. Have you ever stirred your coffee after a few sips and gotten that cream swirled around and it changes the taste of your next sip of coffee (unless you drink it black) it’s kind of like that, a swirling profile of chocolate, espresso, mocha latte, with a little wood taste and that brown sugar butter sweetness to tie it all in. 

The last third had a little bit of black pepper, molasses, and toasted bakers spice as I guessed there would be as I got closer to the end. All that richness and well cared for tobacco really pleased my palate from start to finish. Joya Black is certainly one of those cigars that are hard to put down. The taste keeps you wanting more and more and well… more.

With these prices you can certainly have the Joya Black whenever you like. Double Robusto (5×56) – $7.95 – box of 20 $159, Nocturno (6 ¼ x 46) $6.50 – box of 20 $130, Robusto (5 ¼ x 50) $7.25 – box of 20 $145, and Toro (6×52) $7.96 – box of 20 $159.20.

Now of course prices may vary from state to state and online because me being NY the prices are definitely not that low but still very affordable. One thing that does not vary on this cigar is the 4 out of 5 pints that I rate this cigar. Certainly one that can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night, on any day and I’m sure most of you reading this article have had at least one of these Joya Black’s. On the other hand if you had not tried one yet, what are you waiting for? Enjoy and stay tuned for the next Joya review in this series.

Wrapper –  Mexican San Andres

Binder – Nicaraguan

Filler – Nicaraguan


Rating: 4.0 out of 5 pints

  • William O’Connor, AKA Billy Kartwheels, is the Co-Captian of the Distinguished Ruffians NY Chapter. Billy has had an interesting life, going through college, being in the Navy and living on a submarine, he has visited 48 states (hitchhiking through 35) of them and even lived in a Hare Krishna monastery for some time. After having numerous brushes with death durring his travels he has decided it was best to take it easy and appreciate life to its fullest all while smoking a cigar at the same time. 

Joya de Nicaragua introduces Cinco Décadas El Doctor

Cinco Decades El Doctor

Estelí, Nicaragua – Two years ago, when Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua reached its 50th anniversary, it released its most emblematic blend to date: Cinco Décadas, a commemorative cigar conceived as a tribute to all of those that have shaped the company and thus the Nicaraguan cigar industry.

Every Cinco Décadas vitola has been named after historic icons, Diadema as it was the first shape ever made at the factory, El Fundador is a tribute to founders of the company, and El General, reminds us of one of the pioneers of tobacco in Nicaragua. Today, Joya de Nicaragua introduces “El Doctor”, a 6×52 Torpedo honoring , Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, JDN’s visionary Chairman and Owner since the early 90s, and an impactful leader of our organization and industry

“Giving identities to these special products is one of the most exciting things we do when we are about to release one of these gems that we have created at the factory. With Cinco Décadas it hasn’t been easy, as we want to recognize all the important icons or milestones that have shaped our history in the last five decades. For me it was very touching when our agency and marketing team proposed to me to name this vitola after my father, because it was a realization of how much he has been an influence to all of us,” said Juan Ignacio Martínez, Executive President.

This very special limited batch of just 600 boxes will be sold exclusively in the UnitedStates, and only by retailers that belong to the Drew Diplomat Retailer Program. Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Décadas El Doctor will be shipping in August 2020, and will be available along with the 2020 annual batch of 600 boxes of each of the rest of the sizes in the Cinco Décadas series.“ Cinco Décadas is the cigar we are most proud of in Joya de Nicaragua. We are truly limited in the amount of cigars we can roll in this blend, because we use our most talented torcedores and because we use the best tobacco in our factory. Our plan is to release one new size every year until the next big anniversary, but this year we may have another surprise, so stay tuned,” said Daniel Barrios, Global Commercial Director of Joya de Nicaragua. This limited edition cigar will be introduced to the public by Juan Ignacio Martínez and the Drew Estate sales team in digital events across the country next month. Priced in line with the rest of the vitolas in the brand, Cinco Décadas El Doctor will be sold at MSRP/$20.00 per stick or $200/box.