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Juices Top 5: Party/Fests … Thus Far …

This week’s Top 5 is something that is truly near and dear to my heart (and I am sure most of yours); Partying. I have been fortunate to travel a bit here and there. So far I can’t really say any of my destinations have been disappointing. Today I am going to talk about 5 parties where a guy can put away his distinguished qualities and cater more towards his ruffian nature.

Biketoberfest5. Biketoberfest – Daytona Beach, FL

This is one of my favorite annual events! Do I really need to explain why? This place is chock full of all the good stuff; people, drinking and tons of custom motorcycles. There is hardly a full block you can walk that doesn’t have something that appeals to your styles and tastes.

I enjoyed my days on the strip shopping for discounted motorcycle apparel and gear. Most shops have crazy deals during this time due to the influx of patrons. More than just moto-gear, there are a few shops along Main Street that make hand rolled Grand Marnier dipped ascots. Personally, those little smokes make the trip.

Each night during Biketoberfest there are events showcasing crazy prizes, free swag, and drink specials. Along with the drink specials, there are usually scantily clad women hustling shots for extra tips. With the main events being held on Main Street, it was hard not to fall into a watering hole or 5 while eye balling some of the coolest rides on the east coast.

4. Fantasy Fest – Key West, FLMardi 1

For more of a risqué approach to your conventional partying, try Fantasy Fest located in Key West Florida. As soon as I arrived I might as well have thrown my watch in my bag because I definitely crossed over into island time. Everything is laid back and altogether exciting.

This event is often called the Mardi Gras of the south. Being that the actual Mardi Gras is in Louisiana, I guess the fine folks in Key West took some liberties with the name given their location.

Just like New Orleans, Key West plays home to thousands of visitors just for this event. Every day and night the festivities have a theme and it seems like everyone comes out to play along. This literally takes the phrase “it takes all kinds” to a whole new level. The themes varied from Togas one night to Pirates to Angels and Devils. There was truly a good mix of it all. What made this trip awesome was the laid back atmosphere that resembled nothing more than a huge costume party with half nude (and sometimes full nude) people. Did I mention all this takes place on the ever famous Duvall Street? With that, let’s do a little math; Duvall Crawling + Costume Party = Nonsense of the upmost.

Fair warning, if you happen to be homophobic, this is not the place for you. This area has a strong gay community and they show their pride all year long. If you aren’t homophobic, then you will have a blast.

3. Rugby World Cup – Locations Vary

I was fortunate enough to be able to venture off to the Rugby World Cup hosted by New Zealand in 2011. This was hands down, one of the most fun places I had ever been. Each game is held in a different location throughout the country. I was able to indulge in a series of “day drinking’ activities in each one of the host locations. Some of them included, virtual goal kicking, live concerts, and open venue projection Tv screenings of the games located in other cities.

I couldn’t help myself but drink all day long in preparation for the big show. During the games, I was going insane along with a ton of international fans. I learned quickly that overseas drinking is definitely quite the adventure. I also realize that people come from all walks of life to be at these events and when they get there, all they want to do is party. For me, a 24 hour flight deserved good sport and good drinks. Add on great international company and that’s a cocktail for success.

Mardi 22. Mardi Gras – New Orleans, LA

This one is no surprise, or at least shouldn’t be. Mardi Gras is 5 days of booze, beads, and boobs. To top off the “3 B’s’ of Mardi Gras I was surrounded by Cajun culture and delicious food. I could continually go on about the things you see on Girls Gone Wild or Cops, but that would just be me ranting.

My friends and I would kick our day off drinking while watching all the floats pass by our balcony hurling beads. After the floats leave and we had collected enough beads to venture in to the night we would grab some more drinks and walk the block and some change to Bourbon Street. Fast forward through the night, beads gone, and stumble back to our hotel. We grab a couple hours of sleep and repeat it for the duration.

1. Oktoberfest – Munich GermanyOktoberfest 1

This is another amazing festival that has everything you could possibly ask for. Great food, great culture, great rides, and great beer are all included when you are at the Theresienwiese (fairgrounds for Oktoberfest).

Some of Germanys top breweries have tents at this event showcasing their style of brew. Some of these companies include Paulaner, Spaten, Lowenbrau, and my favorite Augustiner. I was getting after those sweet unfiltered German brews a liter at a time but that proved to be quite the feat. Before 1 in the afternoon my friends and I were wasted on the train back to our condo.

This was my favorite event thus far because I love good beer and no drama. With all the drunken people I saw during my trip, I assumed brawls would ensue regularly. Truthfully, I had a hard time finding many drunken people that weren’t down right jovial. People sometimes were friendlier then I’d like but none the less harmless. I guess when you have to share a park bench in order to be served; you will get along and make friends with just about anyone.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Party on Ruffians.

Lifetrak Move C300

C300Being an athlete and enjoying the benefits of being fit, I often look for health products claiming to be the ‘best on the market.’ When I stumble upon most products and supplements claiming to be this, I am usually met with disappointment. However, when I happened to find the Lifetrak Move C300 fitness watch, I got everything I needed in a fitness aid and more.C300.1

I put the Move C300 on, input my information, and took it out for a test. I went out and ran about 2 miles around my neighborhood and waited to see how the watch worked. It was great. The watch responded very well to my run and at the end of it, I got a little geeky and watched the numbers flow. The watch tracks not only your steps taken, but the calories burned, and distance traveled. Sometimes having a visual aid helps me get through a workout and this definitely gave me a boost.

When paired with the Argus Fitness App, this tool becomes even more powerful. The pairing provides you with a tracking mechanism for your day to day activities. I often do my workouts, then sync my phone to the app, and watch the magic. The data from my watch seamlessly transfers to my iPhone and displays in a very user-friendly way. Each of the items tracked on my Move C300 is put into categories and are made available for filtering. This allows me to see how I am progressing toward my fitness goals on a regular basis.

C300.2C300.3The watch has been a great tool for me and my quest towards improving my athletics and maintaining my fitness. I think it is an awesome tool for any Ruffian trying to get back on track with their fitness goals.




Name: LifeTrak Move C300

Cost: $79.99


Rating: 5 pints (Out of 5)

Juices Top 5 Ways to Determine What Gifts Your Girl Friend Really Wants

Afternoon Ruffians and welcome to the inaugural addition of my weekly Top 5.  Today I want to discuss one of the most frustrating tasks for any man especially for today’s Ruffian on the go: Buying a gift for your girlfriend.

Have you ever bought a knock out gift for your girlfriend only to be disappointed that it didn’t knock her off her feet? If so, think back to when you purchased that gift.  How did you determine this was what she really wanted?  Did you just think of things she likes and purchased accordingly? Maybe, you thought you knew your girlfriend so well that any gift you chose would work. These are common mistakes for most Ruffians. What I have listed below are some of my proven methods for ensuring I always get my girlfriend something that will pack a punch.

5. Shop With Her

As boring as this may be for most of us, shopping with your woman can be very beneficial in the ultimate hunt for a gift she will love.  A lot of times, they go in and out of stores trying on clothes or looking at purses and shoes that they don’t purchase at that time.  By keeping a mental snapshot of some of these items you will ultimately get her a gift that she would have purchased for herself.   If you are newer in your relationship, this can also work in identifying what types of things she doesn’t like.  This will save you tons of time in the future, helping you eliminate items immediately that she wouldn’t care for. More than anything, it will save you cash on purchases that she wouldn’t even value.

4.  Ask Her Friends

Unlike navigating to a destination, sometimes a man just needs a little help.   A often overlooked treasure trove of information can be a phone call away.  Your girlfriends friends are more in tune with what she would like (clothing, accessories, make up etc..) than you would be for the most part.  By using her friends for a covert gift mission, this strategy works on two levels for you. First, you get a guarantee that the gift the friend is choosing is something that your girlfriend has spoken to her about.  Second, the girlfriend’s friend gets to feel like she’s played a critical part in a significant moment in your relationship.  Now, I will warn you, this might involve some annoying conversations and some running around but it will be well worth it.

3.  Check Her Closet

This is one of the most readily available ways to determine what gifts she really wants, especially if you guys live together.  Just poke your head in the closet.  This little trick tells you the primary components you need for making a killer purchase, without even leaving the comforts of the bedroom.  What to look for when you take a peek in the closet is simple.

  • Brand
  • Purse Styles
  • Shoe Size and style
  • Clothing Sizes


These 4 simple things cover the basics of getting your lady any article of clothing.   You can never go wrong shopping her favorite labels and styles.  Those are the labels and styles she tends to wear anyways.  Whatever you do, do not set yourself up for failure by forgetting to get the sizes.  WRITE THEM DOWN.  This way there will be no spit balling the measurements and looking like a fool when you give her a saggy pair of those yoga pants we all enjoy.   Don’t be a fool, shop with confidence.

2. ETSY or Pinterest

This one takes a little sleuthing but nothing that a calabash pipe and cell phone can’t handle.  If you have a girlfriend that uses either one of these sites, then get your ass registered and log in.  Add your girlfriend as a friend on either site. You’ll see what items she “likes” automatically on your feed.  The reason I love this strategy is because it takes a good bit of the brain work out of the hunt.  Technically, she is telling you what she wants every time she taps a heart and it pops up on your feed. Bam! Hand delivered gift ideas to you on the regular.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.  The other reason both these sites are awesome, is they both offer unique items that would normally not be available for purchase in stores.  This will get you extra bonus points for thinking outside the box and getting an extraordinary gift.

1.  Listen to Her

The easiest but often the most difficult plan to execute;  My number 1 way to know what gifts you should get your girlfriend is to listen to her.  A lot of times your girlfriend will repeatedly mention what she wants using some key “buzz” phrases.  Some of them include, “it would be nice if…”, “Oh, that’s really cute”, or even as direct as “I’d love to have one of those.”   Often these phrases go in one ear and out of the other without a second thought.  By taking a couple of seconds to actually sit down and listen to what my girlfriend tells me, I have been able to grab insights on what items she really wants while masking it as general communication.  Like the great orator Les Brown says, “The plan is simple, but no, it is not easy”.  You got to make some time to talk to her and sometimes even bait the information out of her.  This will take 100% of your attention, so I am afraid to say, you will have to put down the Belvenie and the Undercrown and listen to exactly what she is telling you.  However, this exercise in listening, if done correctly, is the closest to a thing to a guaranteed great gift as you can get.  It’s not rocket science; get her what she tells you she wants.

Some of these ideas maybe new to you and some may be old but they are all guaranteed to work if done with the right attitude and end goal in mind. Hopefully this information helps you as much as it has helped me. So with that being said, keep your pipes hot, your beer cold and your women happy.  Stay Distinguished.