Protocol Pool Party Year 1 Cigar

Protocol Pool Party

Protocol Cigars announces a special limited edition release cigar called the Protocol Pool Party Year 1. The cigars were produced at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Protocol Pool Party Year 1 is offered in a Corona Gordo: 5 5/8 X 46 vitola. They are presented in a 10 count paper bundle. Only 100 Bundles have been produced. The packaging is symbolic of fun summer time pool parties. This cigar is wrapped in a Mexican San Andreas Maduro Leaf, Connecticut Shade Binder, and Nicaraguan Corojo from Esteli and Condega filler. The Protocol Pool Party Year 1 is a solid medium to medium plus with spicy rich flavors and a long sweet creamy finish. 

The Protocol Pool Party will not be for sale. These limited edition cigars will instead be given to the first 100 attendees to the Protocol Pool Party on Saturday, August 1st, 2020. This is a ticketed event in Neptune, NJ.  The event is not the first of its kind. In the past the Protocol Pool Party was held at the home of co-owner Kevin Keithan. The event has steadily outgrown that location. The company has decided to make the party a yearly ticketed event. This event is 100% outdoor and on a 7 acre picnic ground with an Olympic size pool. This event is 100% compliant with all NJ State Covid Rules and Regulations. The company has implemented several levels of protection to all attendees.  “We wanted to do something special for our supporters, especially since everyone has been locked at home for the last several months. The demand to attend and numbers have grown exponentially for this event and needed move to a bigger venue. We have implemented safety precautions to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. The health of our supporters is of the utmost importance to us.  With that said everyone will be safe and a phenomenal time will be had by all!” Juan Cancel, co-owner Protocol Cigars. For more detailed event information visit the company’s website at or their social media platforms. 

Anemoi Eurus From La Galera Cigars

La Galera Anemoi Eurus

The La Galera Anemoi derives its name from the greeks, it is their name for all of the gods of wind combined. Following this idea they have named four of the five vitolas after the directions of the wind and are distributing them to those regions only and the fifth size simply named Anemoi in regular distribution. Discussing their idea La Galera said this, “Each wind’s direction gave the Greeks an idea of whether to expect a good crop or to brace for a bad season. We considered paying our respects to these ubiquitous forces, appropriate. The Dominican Republic is no exception to the influence of these winds. We researched the Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus in the natural habitat of our tobacco.”

When looking the Eurus the first thought that comes to mind is rustic. This is a veiny, dark brown wrapper with loads of reddish brown mottling throughout and a slight oil gloss to it. When you pick it up it feels dense and solid, there is hardly any give to it when pressure is applied. When checking the from top to bottom no dead spots could be found. The smell reminds me of leather, cedar, wet earth and sweat dried fruit. The cold draw is firm and I notice the dried fruit flavor matching the scent and a bit of spice.

In the first half the taste is earthy and chocolate with some spice on the finish. The smoke production was more than satisfactory and the burn line held sharp.

Through the second half the earth and chocolate flavors begin to fall to the back and the spice moves forward the primary flavors never disappear however. This is the profile at which the cigar remained until finished. Smoke production continued to be ample and the burn line never wavered.

At no point did I want to put this cigar down. Regardless of the outward “ugly” appearance, the combined ingredients make this a great tasting cigar. Rich in flavor and smooth in smoke this cigar could be enjoyed any time of the day and by any pallet. While the different vitolas were sent to the different regions look for your areas “wind direction” in your B&M shops and when you see them grab some. Of course if you don’t see any make sure to let the shop know you’d like them to have them.

Wrapper – Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder – Dominican, Jacagua

Filler – Dominican, Criollo 98 & Piloto Cubano La Canela

Price: $9.00 – $11.00 a stick depending on vitola.


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints


Four Kicks Maduro From Crowned Heads

Four Kicks Maduro

Ten years ago, four former CAO employees started a little boutique brand known as Crowned Heads. With their roots in Nashville and lead by front man Jon Huber, the company pulls a lot of inspiration from the large music seen around them. Four Kicks and Four Kicks Maduro both derive their name from Nashville band Kings of Leon. (If you like them check out Quiet Oaks, also from Nashville.) While Crowned Heads had kept to a single blend for their core products we now have a variation with the Four Kicks Maduro.

The cigar is a dark chocolaty brown with a fair amount of oil and veins, but nothing that makes the cigar unappealing. The smell is earthy and leathery but light. From the cold draw I notice the taste of pepper, citrus and a sweetness that balances the other flavors.

In the first half the cigar is spicy and creamy. It smokes very smooth and easy giving off plenty of light weighted smoke. The burn is sharp and the ash holds for easily 1/4″ before breaking it free.

The second half brought a bit of earthiness to the table along with a slight increase in the pepper spice flavor but still remained a smooth smoking cigar. Smoke production was still large and there were no burn issues for the entirety of the cigar.

For a “younger” company Crowned Heads have been able to release several stand out cigars and the Four Kicks Maduro is another one. With a flavor profile that should suit anyones palate, solid construction and a more than reasonable price point, this cigar should be a go to when you’re having trouble deciding what to smoke. When you see them at the shop be sure to grab a handful or two.

Wrapper – Connecticut Habano Maduro

Binder – Nicaraguan

Filler – Nicaraguan

Price: $8.00 – $10.00 a stick depending on vitola.


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints