Benchmade’s Infidel

IMG_0293I’ve carried numerous out the front (OTF) knives in my day and they all seem to fall apart relatively quickly. While looking into a new one that would stand up to daily use I kept finding links to Benchmade’s Infidel. Although the price tag was a bit on the high side it was a great looking knife and met my needs so I decided to buy it. The Infidel is one of the sleekest, most aggressive looking OTF knives on the market but, can it do more than just look sexy? You bet it can.

With my work and life style I use a knife numerous times a day and need something that is reliable and holds an edge. I’ve had the knife for more than a year now and it has performed how I need it to everyday. The action and speed on the blade deployment and retraction is just as fast as the day I got it. The handle, made out of machined 6061 T-6 aluminum, is of ample size and the bi-directional tread pattern makes it easy to hold onto. The double edge dagger blade is made from a corrosion resistant D2 steel hardened to 60-62HRC. Its double auto blade action means that you have to commit to opening or closing it using the ambidextrous thumb slide. This double action lock style makes the chances of an IMG_0292accidental deployment while its clipped in your pocket nearly impossible. A deep pocket clip comes attached to the body but It also comes with a MOLLE compatible soft sheath in case you don’t want to use or choose to remove the clip.

While I was doing research on new knives I found some articles that had negative things to say about the Infidel. They complained about the spring configuration and the speed of the blade deployment. Since purchasing mine I have put this knife to the test against other OTF knives and the speed is just as fast as most of the other OTF knives and in some cases faster.

After having this knife for a fair amount of time and having used it on a daily basis it has quickly become one of my favorite every day carries. It opens and closes quickly and reliably, and stays sharp. While the price is a more than most OTF knives it’s well worth it and if you met the criteria Benchmade offers discounts to active military and law enforcement officers. If your looking for a new everyday OTF knife it would be hard to find one better than this.

Manufacturer: Benchmade


Rating: 4.4 out of 5 pints.