Kentucky Fire Cured





So, it’s time for a KFC. No, not the greasy chicken meal! A Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate. Slightly larger than it’s Baitfish cousin, the KFC is a decent 4X46. In a mazo of 10, this is a perfect size for a short smoke.
Drew Estate have broken the mould here. By smoking the wrapper over hickory and oak. It infuses the leaf with a scent reminiscent of burning leaves in the autumn.
Nicaraguan long fillers bind this all together and give an extremely pleasant smoke. Not too mild, punchy in places, and never losing that smokey aroma that’s prevalent throughout.
This is a taste sensation, totally different to anything that’s on the market right now. Kudos to Drew Estate for breaking away from the norm, and bringing us something totally unique. There’s no Colonels secret recipe here, just a mighty fine taste that’s more than finger lickin good, it’s broken the mould!


From Distinguished Ruffian Member @1an300