La Jugada

MoyaRuiz’s La Jugada Nunchuck

IMG_0639The La Jugada Nunchuck cigar from MoyaRuiz is their limited edition run to celebrate Cigar Dojo’s Birthday Herf. Although it was not released until later this year it was highly anticipated. Made in the La Zona factory in Nicaragua, like their other two cigars, it is a cigar that is troublesome to compare to anything else.

I got these sticks over a month ago and they felt quite firm to the touch so I decided to give them a little time in my humidor before smoking them. Like I’ve mentioned before, I like my cigars at a slightly higher humidity level (I prefer a constant 74% RH) since I have a tendency to chew the ends of mine and like a softer feel to my tobacco. When I took these out I noticed the feel had remained the same but rather then let it sit any longer I decided to go ahead and light it up.

The feel was firm to the touch and did not give when pressure was applied which worried me at first. I was concerned that the cigar was over filled and would not only be hard to smoke but would also crack and break under the stress of smoking it. I played around with the cigar and was happy to see that, unlike other people have stated, I found no dead spots. The roll was consistent and full through the whole body.

The overall look of the cigar was superb, clearly time had been taking in the production. The Habano wrapper had the color of well-aged leather and had very minimal veining, which was nice given the size of this cigar. The smell from the body was light and had notes of cedar, fruit, well used leather, and tobacco, loads and loads of tobacco. The foot shared the same odor with a slightly heavier fig smell.

It lit easily with a moderate draw. This was surprising given how full this cigar is I expected a much harder pull. Immediately a nice amount of smoke is given off that fills the pallet and rests heavily on the tongue. The taste of black coffee, pepper and tobacco are noticed with a hint of nuttiness. This continued through almost the first third of the cigar. Nearing the midway point the taste begins to mellow, but only for a short time. Once I reached the middle of the stick a large amount of spice could be tasted and everything else takes a back seat, except for the tobacco did I mention the tobacco.

As the cigar heats up the stick becomes more pliable and is easily manipulated between the fingers. With the exception of the moderate midpoint change the flavor holds consistent to the end with only a slight increase in spiciness as what’s left begins to heat up.

La Jugada Nunchuck Comes in one size. A hefty 7×54 and are being released in a limited amounts of 1,000 boxes. Each box has five nunchucks tethered together or a total of ten cigars each. If your looking for a nice full bodied cigar to smoke that will last you around two hours this is your cigar.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Brand: MoyaRuiz


Rating: 4.3 out of 5 pints

MoyaRuiz’s La Jugada Prieto

IMG_0363It’s no secret that the founders of MoyaRuiz, Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz, love to play dominos. From that love a cigar line was born. La Jugada “The Play.” MoyaRuiz has put great attention to detail in manufacturing these cigars and has produced an amazing product. The MoyaRuiz cigar line is something that cannot be ignored.

The La Jugada line has two cigar types that are readily available, the Habano and Prieto. While both are outstanding cigars I prefer a darker, fuller flavored cigar so I prefer to smoke the Prieto (meaning “dark” in Spanish) and this review will be on their Robusto 5 X 52.

The construction of The Prieto is wonderful. A dark Mexican San Andre’s wrapper covers the cigar giving it a dark roasted almond to coffee bean color with rich oils. While pressing along the stick I noticed few veins in the wrapper and there appears to be no noticeable imperfections in the body. It feels firm but still pliable to the touch and is clearly well rolled with the perfect amount of tobacco.

The hand selected Nicaraguan long fillers and binders of this cigar have some wonderful aromas. A sniff around the body brings a smell of wet hay, dark chocolate, and a hint of leather. Spending some time around the foot began to show this cigar’s complexity. The smell of licorice, pine, and dried apricot were noticeable making this an appetizing cigar.IMG_0365

It cut easy with no cracking and lit even easier. Because of this cigars excellent construction the draw is smooth and effortless. A fair amount of smoke is created by this cigar and feels light and billowy on the tongue. The initial flavor is of pepper and spice that finishes with a hint of dark chocolate. As the cigar reaches it’s mid-point the spiciness begins to lessen while the chocolate flavor becomes a little more apparent. It also begins having slight coffee and cream notes. The last quarter of the stick is a full of coffee and chocolate with the spices hiding quietly in the background. The cigar burned evenly and was enjoyable the whole way through.

If you are trying to find a new everyday maduro this is the cigar for you. It’s well-constructed body and excellent choices in wrapper, filler, and binder combination makes it a fantastic smoke for anyone with a discerning palate. Next time you’re in your local smoke shop and are wondering what to try… look for a MoyaRuiz.


Wrapper – San Andres

Origin – Nicaragua

Shapes – Robusto, Toro, Belicoso, Double Corona, Ancho

Brand: MoyaRuiz


Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints