Dim Mak From Moya Ruiz

Moya Ruiz Dim MakThe Dim Mak from Moya Ruiz is the third installment in their yearly limited edition line of cigars. While its been almost a year since it’s launch and only 700 boxes of 10 cigars were made, they have been one of my favorites and since there are still a few of these guys floating around figured why not get a review up about them. Like the two limited edition cigars before it, it has an Asian inspired motif and name as a nod to Cigar Dojo for their help in promoting the brand during inception.

Visual inspection of the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper reveals a smooth wrapper with little veining and a milk chocolate color. The construction looks clean and the seams are tight. The roll feels solid all the way down with no apparent dead spots, it feels full but also yields to light pressure.

The body gives a large fragrance that reminds me of an old library, that leather mixed with old books aroma. The cap was removed with a straight cut and came off with no rips or tears to the overall body. The cigar lit easily and the burn started smooth.

The start of the stick offers a good dose of pepper and spice to the flavor profile, with a bit of grassy notes. There was good full medium bodied smoke production and the burn went well and evenly. The ash was a little on the loose side. Not to the point that you had to ash after every draw but you’re not going to win any long ash contests here. This continues through the first half of the smoke.

The second half mellows a bit with the spices calming down and more of a zesty citrus note coming to the front. Smoke production remains constant while the burn gets slightly wavy from time to time but overall mostly even.

Overall this is a great cigar with an excellent construction with great strength and full flavor. In my opinion this is one of Moya Ruiz’s heaviest cigars. If you’re new to the smoking world be prepared for a lot of flavor and strength, if you’re a seasoned smoker you’re in for a treat.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder/Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican

Size: 5” X 54 Robusto

Price: About $10.00

Florida DR Crawfish Boil 2017

Mark your calendars everybody because it’s almost that time of year again. The time for the DR crawfish boil. This year its happening on April 29th at DR HQ S&M Smoke Shop in Fort Pierce. It starts at 5:00 and goes until we feel like stopping. As usual we’ll be supplying the food you bring the booze!

This year we are happy to have Moya Ruiz to be the cigar sponsor for this event and Nelson himself just might be stopping by to party with us. As always there will be great cigar giveaways, raffles and discounts on products. Last year was a great event and we are hoping to make this event even better. Look forward to seeing you all there again.

As always there is a ton of space at Steve and Missy’s and the humidor is always stocked for us!

Here’s the address and phone number for the event:

1001 S US Highway 1
Fort Pierce, FL — 34950
772 801-5104

MoyaRuiz’s La Jugada Nunchuck

IMG_0639The La Jugada Nunchuck cigar from MoyaRuiz is their limited edition run to celebrate Cigar Dojo’s Birthday Herf. Although it was not released until later this year it was highly anticipated. Made in the La Zona factory in Nicaragua, like their other two cigars, it is a cigar that is troublesome to compare to anything else.

I got these sticks over a month ago and they felt quite firm to the touch so I decided to give them a little time in my humidor before smoking them. Like I’ve mentioned before, I like my cigars at a slightly higher humidity level (I prefer a constant 74% RH) since I have a tendency to chew the ends of mine and like a softer feel to my tobacco. When I took these out I noticed the feel had remained the same but rather then let it sit any longer I decided to go ahead and light it up.

The feel was firm to the touch and did not give when pressure was applied which worried me at first. I was concerned that the cigar was over filled and would not only be hard to smoke but would also crack and break under the stress of smoking it. I played around with the cigar and was happy to see that, unlike other people have stated, I found no dead spots. The roll was consistent and full through the whole body.

The overall look of the cigar was superb, clearly time had been taking in the production. The Habano wrapper had the color of well-aged leather and had very minimal veining, which was nice given the size of this cigar. The smell from the body was light and had notes of cedar, fruit, well used leather, and tobacco, loads and loads of tobacco. The foot shared the same odor with a slightly heavier fig smell.

It lit easily with a moderate draw. This was surprising given how full this cigar is I expected a much harder pull. Immediately a nice amount of smoke is given off that fills the pallet and rests heavily on the tongue. The taste of black coffee, pepper and tobacco are noticed with a hint of nuttiness. This continued through almost the first third of the cigar. Nearing the midway point the taste begins to mellow, but only for a short time. Once I reached the middle of the stick a large amount of spice could be tasted and everything else takes a back seat, except for the tobacco did I mention the tobacco.

As the cigar heats up the stick becomes more pliable and is easily manipulated between the fingers. With the exception of the moderate midpoint change the flavor holds consistent to the end with only a slight increase in spiciness as what’s left begins to heat up.

La Jugada Nunchuck Comes in one size. A hefty 7×54 and are being released in a limited amounts of 1,000 boxes. Each box has five nunchucks tethered together or a total of ten cigars each. If your looking for a nice full bodied cigar to smoke that will last you around two hours this is your cigar.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Brand: MoyaRuiz


Rating: 4.3 out of 5 pints