Texas Chapter CATS Fest Meet Up

img_0032Heck yeah! If your in Texas or even close to the state you won’t want to miss this one. Texas is having their official annual meet up this year at CATS Fest V in Bulvetde, TX (that’s basically San Antonio). Will be kicking things off Friday May 26th in the evening at the CATS pre-party and of course we’ll really be getting things going on Saturday May 27th at the event.

As usual the La Quinta is home base for everything and where the majority of us will be staying. Information on tickets and booking a hotel are available at the CATS Fest website:

For specific information contact your chapter officers and they will give you all the details on when and where we will all be meeting. Hope to see a ton of us out there this year!

The address for the event is:

401 Obst Road Bulverde, Texas 78163

Florida DR Crawfish Boil 2017

Mark your calendars everybody because it’s almost that time of year again. The time for the DR crawfish boil. This year its happening on April 29th at DR HQ S&M Smoke Shop in Fort Pierce. It starts at 5:00 and goes until we feel like stopping. As usual we’ll be supplying the food you bring the booze!

This year we are happy to have Moya Ruiz to be the cigar sponsor for this event and Nelson himself just might be stopping by to party with us. As always there will be great cigar giveaways, raffles and discounts on products. Last year was a great event and we are hoping to make this event even better. Look forward to seeing you all there again.

As always there is a ton of space at Steve and Missy’s and the humidor is always stocked for us!

Here’s the address and phone number for the event:

1001 S US Highway 1
Fort Pierce, FL — 34950
772 801-5104

From Instagram With Love

IMG_7296 While cruising through my time line, I noticed a lot of photos on Instagram of happy customers and their bottles of Alexander Murray Scotch.  After almost a year of curiosity and interest, I felt compelled to purchase my very first bottle. With a variety of scotches to choose from, I decided on the Alexander Murray 8 year Caol Ila. I waited almost two weeks to get it but when it arrived I couldn’t have been more excited.

When I had a free moment, I popped the cork on the bottle. I performed the quintessential scotch drinker move and took in a nice sniff. It was beautiful! I was hit with a very clean and distinctly peaty scent. Being an Islay fan, I was more than elated when this scotch passed the sniff test. I reached up and grabbed the first scotch glass I could get my hands on, dropped in a couple of cubes of ice and watched the golden goodness fill the void.

IMG_7313My first sip was nice and somewhat surprising. The sniff test boasted this strong peaty scent but the flavor was not its equal. The flavor had just enough peat those even ruffians who don’t care for Islay scotches could feel safe purchasing this beverage and enjoying it. There was virtually no back burn and the flavor was very pleasant. Before I knew what happened, I was staring at an empty glass. Needless to say, I was content with my purchase.

Ruffians, if you care to have a solid drinking, slightly peaty, glass of relaxation, I would recommend procuring a bottle of Alexander Murray 8 Year Caol Ila.


Acknowledgement: Silver Medal Winner of 2015 San Francisco Spirits Competition.




Price: $75-$85


Rating: 4 out of 5 pints.

Turks Take on The Perdomo 12 Year

IMG_2655-2Greetings Distinguished Ruffians! Turk here to give you my two cents on Perdomo Cigars double aged vintage 12 year. The folks over at Perdomo describe the line of cigars as “ A blend of Perdomos finest and most cherished 12 year old fillers, binders, and wrappers, carefully bale aged for ten years and then barrel aged for an additional two years”. That’s right, they barrel aged them in bourbon barrels. This both surprised and intrigued me because I personally had never heard of doing such a process, maybe with beer, but with cigars? Two words came to mind, GAME CHANGER. Enough small talk, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this review, shall we?

The cigar comes in three different wrappers, Sun Grown, Connecticut, and Maduro and also four different sizes, 5×56 Robusto, 6×56 epicure, 7×56 Churchill, and the 6.5×60 Gordo extra. I myself went with the Connecticut 5×56 Robusto. The IMG_2656construction of the cigar was very smooth, with little to no veins and a tight wrap. Before I lit up I gave it a good sniff.  I got scents of bourbon ( of course ) and a very faint almost creamy caramel smell from it, but it still smelled like a “ normal “ cigar as well, meaning that the sweet and bourbon like smell didn’t overpower the tobacco. We all know that some cigars smoke differently.  Some cigars can start out great then get an uneven and difficult pull.  Some cigars can fight you the whole way through. Then there are some that just pull perfectly. This definitely fell into category 3.  It didn’t take much to get the cigar lit, or to keep it going.  Sometimes I would have five-minute intervals between puffs and it would cherry up with no problem. The amount of smoke that I got from just a regular puff was amazing and caught me off guard initially.  Say what you want about me, but I absolutely love a huge cloud of smoke bellowing around me while I’m partaking in a cigar. The flavor of the cigar was equal parts smooth and stout with just enough sweetness for one to notice, I actually was expecting it to be much sweeter than it was and was oh so delighted that it wasn’t. I’d have to say the flavor stayed the same all the way thru the cigar ( I actually nubbed it! ).  It was a pleasant surprise that is tough to find in a lot of cigars.

Overall, I could easily and without a doubt say that the Perdomo 12 year is a “go to“ cigar for when you are in a hurry to get out the door and need to grab a stick, it is guaranteed to please both the novice and seasoned smoker alike. It’s sure to pair well with your favorite beer, wine, or spirit, and for me was a pleasant post meal smoke. It truly stunned me at how versatile this stick is. So if you’re lucky enough to come across one of these bad boys at your local smoke shop go ahead and pick one up. The price is around $11.00 for one stick (price varies slightly depending on size and wrapper) and about $264.00 for a box of 24. I am certain you won’t be disappointed.

Turk signing off, and as always ladies and gents, stay Distinguished but… be a Ruffian. Cheers.


Brand: Perdomo Cigars




Rating: 4.5 pints out of 5

The Palomino Santa Ana Maduro

image-4If you haven’t heard of Palomino Cigars then you are missing out. The Palomino family has been making cigars in the Cibao Valley of the Santiago De Los Caballeros Province of the Dominican Republic since 1965. What makes them different from the rest of the companies is not only that they make a wide selection of quality sticks but they only sell factory direct. What this means for you is that not only do you get a great cigar but, instead of paying the $9 – $13 a piece you can pick theirs up for around $2 – $3.

Now I know what your thinking already, “how can a $3 stick be good?” The answer…most of what you smoke could probably be sold for around $3 a stick if they sold factory direct as well. For the other brands you are paying for their advertising cost, their sells reps pay, retail mark ups, and so on. So that being said on to the cigars.

Since I like a fuller flavored cigar I decided I would try the Santa Ana Maduro. Inspection shows a well-constructed stick covered in a nice oily wrapper with minimal veins and is in the dark chocolate color realm. It is firm to the touch but just pliable enough that it will not crack if you like to bite the end of yours like I do when you smoke. The odor from the body is of chocolate and old leather with a hint of cedar and fruit. The odor from the foot is the same just more intense.

It lit easily and the draw was even and smooth. The flavor was earthy with a bit of spice with coffee on the back end. The flavor held consistent throughout the cigar. The burn was even all the way through and did not have to be restarted at any point. The ash held well and was near white. The cigar created ample, thick smoke that looked heavy but felt light on the tongue.

When you first get these cigars you might be skeptical but after this smoke I bet you will have no qualms recommending these to anybody. In my opinion for the cost of these cigars they are a great value and could easily fetch between $9-$13 a stick at a brick and mortar store.

Brand: Silvo Palomino 

Web Address:

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Talisker 10 Year

photoDeep and stormy like the ocean crashing over the rocky shores of its island distillery, Talisker is the only Single Malt Scotch Whisky rugged enough to call the Isle of Skye its home. This is how Talisker describes itself and it and it’s pretty accurate.

While looking for something new to drink I spotted the bottle of Talisker 10 year at my local shop. It ended up sitting on the shelf for about a year or so until recently when I was trying to decide what to drink and I remembered an article I had read. Recently, at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, Talisker 10 year had been rated one of the top 18 bottles of scotch in the world. I decided it was time to open it and see what all the fuss was about.

The look is light to pale gold. With the first breath the nose of this scotch brings to mind the sea, lots of smoke. A second deep breath brings in more smoke and a hint of floral and pepper. It has a fairly light mouth feel and the taste begins with a good mix of sweet to sour flavor with peat and smoke. The finish has been described as medium-long but I tend to think it is more on the short to medium side with the pepper and spices coming in with a hint of honey.

If you like your scotch to fall almost directly in between the light and rich side and high up on the smoke and peat side then this one is for you. I prefer mine on the rocks but it is equally as good neat.


Brand: Talisker




Bottling: 10 Year


Region: Isle of Sky


ABV: 45.8%


Rating: 8.5/10 Pints