Cohiba Black Supremo

IMG_6156Recently I was asked by to try out the Cohiba Black Supremo from General Cigars and see what I thought about them. I’ve never tried their Cohiba line so I was intrigued. I have other sticks from them before like Partagas Macanudo and Punch, which I had enjoyed so I thought, why not.

Cohiba Black cigars are wrapped in a hearty U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf aged on the plant to produce an exceptionally rich, dark tobacco taste. The filler is Dominican and Mexican with a sun-grown Dominican Piloto Cubano leaf, all of which are aged in palm tercios for three years.

Since it was my first time smoking them I decided to smoke a few of them before writing this article to see if everything stayed consistent or if there was variation between each ones. I am happy to say that construction and flavor are steady through several different times smoking.

From visual inspection the wrapper is mostly smooth with light veining and a good tight seal. The color was a rich dark chocolate that you would expect from a full matured leaf. Giving light pressure to the cigar showed that the tobacco was firm but gave to the light pressure with no cracking or breaking in the wrapper.

The odor from the body is reminiscent of barn yard hay, apricot and of course the typical cedar and leathery notes. From the foot the wet hay smell was more pronounced and then smell of just good rich unflavored tobacco.

The cap cut easily and the construction held well with no cracking and no signs of the wrapper beginning to unroll. The lighting was easy and even. The first few draws tasted light and a bit on the dry powdery side and my heart sank. I took a deep breath and had a few gulps of my water and tried another couple of drags, like magic the dry bland powdery flavor was gone and the flavor set in (this was the same with all the sticks the first few drags just didn’t do it for me but after that the stick is great)IMG_6158

The first third of the cigar was fairly medium in flavor with some notes of semi-sweet chocolate and coffee. The smoke was light on the tongue but provided plenty of it. The burn was even and consistent on each draw.

The second third was very similar to the first with nothing very noticeably different until
right past the halfway point and that’s when things really start to change. The somewhat light and sweet flavor is replaced by a fuller, darker, more peppery taste. This rich flavor remains through the rest of the cigar, as well as, the even and consistent burn.

This cigar was thoroughly enjoyable from right after the start to the finish and lasted well over an hour. It could easily be smoked with either a cup of coffee in the morning or with a glass of bourbon or couple of beers in the evening. As a very versatile cigar I recommend that you give it a try and see what you think.

Thank you Famous Smoke Shop for the opportunity to try these out.


Strength: Medium

Shape: Toro

Size: 6 x 54

Country: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Color: Maduro

Wrapper Origin: Connecticut

Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf


Price: $17-$18 per stick or $57 per 5 pack

Rating: 4.6 pints out of 5

Ventura Cigar’s PSyKo Seven

IMG_8394I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a two pack of the PSyKo Seven cigars from Ventura Instagram a week or so ago and had been anxious to try them. From what I had been hearing about them through other people and between what I had heard and the packaging (I’m a sucker for clever packaging) I wanted to see what they were all about.

The two pack arrived to me in the small wooden box with a Boveda pack in the bottom, which kept the humidity level in an excellent range. The cigar was still firm but easily pliable between the fingers. The cigars could easily be squeezed without the fear of cracking the wrapper yet, there were no noticeable dead or empty spots throughout the body of the stick.

The Maduro wrapper of this cigar is a nice rich brown nearly matching the color of coffee beans. The veining is minimal and the seam is almost invisible. The smell of the body is a bit of hay, earth, nuts, fruit and of course cedar. The foot reveals the same notes only stronger.

The light is easy and the draw was firm but not difficult and the cigar produced plenty of smoke from each pull. The smoke was not what I would call heavy on the tongue but still dense and full. From lighting it burned evenly and held a good solid ash. The flavor from the parade of tobacco used to make this cigar was excellent. While it shared a lot of the same flavors as it did in odor the nuttiness and fruit/citrus notes were more noticeable along with a spiciness. As I work my way through the cigar the flavor stays fairly even with little change. However, the flavor does become fuller putting this well into what I would consider to be a good medium to nearly full body cigar.

I thoroughly enjoyed smoking these cigars and can’t wait to pick up some more. If you are looking for something that has complex flavors and isn’t going to kill your budget look no further than the PSyKo Seven from Ventura Cigars. At $7.00 a stick it is really a cigar to beat in both price and quality.

Wrapper: Dominican Hybrid

Binder: Mexican Sumatra

Filler: Multiple Country Blend – Nicaraguan Ligero, Peruvian Pelo de Oro, Honduran Seco, Dominican Hybrid, Pennsylvanian Ligero.

Shapes: ROBUTSTO: 5.50” X 50 – TORO: 6.25” x 48 – GORDITO: 4.00” X 58 – GORDO: 6.00” X 60

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Taste: Mild-Medium with Distinct Transitions



Cost: Around $7.00 a stick.

Rating 4.6 pints out of 5.