Perdomo Cigars

Estate Selección Vintage (ESV) Sun Grown from Perdomo

Perdomo ESV Sun GrownThe Perdomo ESV caught my eye the other day at the shop and it occurred to me that I haven’t really smoked anything from them in a while. Nothing against the brand and, I have a drawer full of them in one of my humidors, I just don’t think to go tho them. But I digress. The Perdomo ESV is emblazoned with an ornate large double band which is what drew me to it. After looking at them for a bit I picked up a few of both the sun grown and the maduro (future article coming on that one soon) and skipped the Connecticut as I don’t generally go for those.

The wrapper is the color of milk chocolate with a subtle hint of red with a slight oil sheen to it. There is little veining and the seams are well hidden and tight. The body feels full but unlike most box pressed cigars it doesn’t have that pillowy feel to it and instead feels dense. While I stay away from describing bands since you can see what they  look like in the photo in this case it is worth noting. It has been my experience that most cigars with a large ornate band tend to be made of heavy material and become difficult to remove without damaging the body of the cigar however, this is not the case with he Perdomo ESV. The band is made from a lightweight material that comes off easily leaving no damage when you’re ready to remove it.

From the body there is the smell of cocoa and barnyard, from the foot I pick up notes of dried fruit. From the cold draw I notice spices, cedar and a slight sugary flavor. There is lite resistance but it is not loose.

In the first half it has the flavor of spice, hay, some sweetness and oak that all combine well. The burn is fairly even and it produces plenty of light weighted smoke with a great aroma. The ash is tight and holds easily for nearly an inch before I break it free.

During the second half the flavor picks up with the spice becoming greater and the addition of a nutty flavor with salt but there is still a fair amount of sweetness to it. Reaching the very end Earth and nutty flavor are the most prominent with a black pepper finish. The burn stays even for the duration and there is plenty of smoke production.

Perdomo describes their cigar this way “PERDOMO Estate Selección Vintage Limited Edition Box-Pressed is hand-crafted using the top five percent of the Perdomo family’s estate grown tobaccos from the prestigious Finca Natalie Farm in Estelí, Nicaragua. The PERDOMO ESV Limited Edition Box-Pressed is an elegant smoking experience with rich aromas and bold, complex flavors. cigar, easy draw makes it easy to smoke.”  I found this to be a fairly Mello smoke and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you see them at your B&M these are worth picking up a few. once you Strat smoking it you will ned up nubbing it, not because it’s a $12 stick but because it’s that good. Looking forward to trying the maduro.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown
Binder: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan
Filler: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan
Price: Around $12.00 – $12.50 a stick.
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 pints



Turks Take on The Perdomo 12 Year

IMG_2655-2Greetings Distinguished Ruffians! Turk here to give you my two cents on Perdomo Cigars double aged vintage 12 year. The folks over at Perdomo describe the line of cigars as “ A blend of Perdomos finest and most cherished 12 year old fillers, binders, and wrappers, carefully bale aged for ten years and then barrel aged for an additional two years”. That’s right, they barrel aged them in bourbon barrels. This both surprised and intrigued me because I personally had never heard of doing such a process, maybe with beer, but with cigars? Two words came to mind, GAME CHANGER. Enough small talk, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this review, shall we?

The cigar comes in three different wrappers, Sun Grown, Connecticut, and Maduro and also four different sizes, 5×56 Robusto, 6×56 epicure, 7×56 Churchill, and the 6.5×60 Gordo extra. I myself went with the Connecticut 5×56 Robusto. The IMG_2656construction of the cigar was very smooth, with little to no veins and a tight wrap. Before I lit up I gave it a good sniff.  I got scents of bourbon ( of course ) and a very faint almost creamy caramel smell from it, but it still smelled like a “ normal “ cigar as well, meaning that the sweet and bourbon like smell didn’t overpower the tobacco. We all know that some cigars smoke differently.  Some cigars can start out great then get an uneven and difficult pull.  Some cigars can fight you the whole way through. Then there are some that just pull perfectly. This definitely fell into category 3.  It didn’t take much to get the cigar lit, or to keep it going.  Sometimes I would have five-minute intervals between puffs and it would cherry up with no problem. The amount of smoke that I got from just a regular puff was amazing and caught me off guard initially.  Say what you want about me, but I absolutely love a huge cloud of smoke bellowing around me while I’m partaking in a cigar. The flavor of the cigar was equal parts smooth and stout with just enough sweetness for one to notice, I actually was expecting it to be much sweeter than it was and was oh so delighted that it wasn’t. I’d have to say the flavor stayed the same all the way thru the cigar ( I actually nubbed it! ).  It was a pleasant surprise that is tough to find in a lot of cigars.

Overall, I could easily and without a doubt say that the Perdomo 12 year is a “go to“ cigar for when you are in a hurry to get out the door and need to grab a stick, it is guaranteed to please both the novice and seasoned smoker alike. It’s sure to pair well with your favorite beer, wine, or spirit, and for me was a pleasant post meal smoke. It truly stunned me at how versatile this stick is. So if you’re lucky enough to come across one of these bad boys at your local smoke shop go ahead and pick one up. The price is around $11.00 for one stick (price varies slightly depending on size and wrapper) and about $264.00 for a box of 24. I am certain you won’t be disappointed.

Turk signing off, and as always ladies and gents, stay Distinguished but… be a Ruffian. Cheers.


Brand: Perdomo Cigars




Rating: 4.5 pints out of 5