Undercrown Dogma Sungrown

Dogma SungrownThe Undercrown Dogma Sungrown, set to be released in August 2020, comes six years after Dojo and Drew Estate teamed up to make the Undercrown Dogma Maduro. Since Cigar Dojo awarded Drew Estate’s Undercrown Sun Grown the No.1 Cigar of the Year in 2017 it’s no large surprise that this would be the next collaboration between the two.

“The Undercrown Dogma Sun Grown features an Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed sun-grown wrapper, a Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut/Cured sun-grown Habano binder, and all Nicaraguan fillers, including extensively aged ligero from Nicaragua’s rarely used Nueva Segovia region. Like the original Dogma, the Dogma Sun Grown boasts a box-press shape, boasting an amped-up 5″ x 54 format, as chosen by the Cigar Dojo staff in collaboration with Willy Herrera, master blender for Drew Estate. In the spirit of the Dogma, the cigar performs with more intensity than the core-line blend it was built upon.”

The wrapper is silky with light veining and a nice oily sheen. Milk chocolate in color and slick feeling to the touch this cigar is firm and dense with little yield when pressure is applied. It has the smell of coffee, cedar and a bit of pepper from the foot. The cap cuts fine causing no damage to the body. From the cold draw the flavor is rich sweat tobacco.

The first half is spicy, salty and creamy, just full of flavor. There is loads of smoke production and it burns evenly. The ash holds tight for about 1/2″ at a time and leaves the room with a pleasant aroma.

In the second half the flavor profile remains fairly the same but a bit of roasted nuts is now Dogma Sungrownnoticeable. While I generally don’t discus the retrohale there is a light cinnamon note that can be found and is worth commenting on. The smoke production does not fail and the burn remains sharp for the entirety of the cigar.

This cigar was a real pleasure to smoke, while robust in flavor it was medium in stregnth so it doesn’t leave you with those nicotine jitters. Solid in construction you can tell the care that was taken when these were rolled. With the release right around the corner be sure to keep an eye out at your local Drew Diplomate brick and mortar stores for these to appear on the shelves and when they do grab as many as you can.

Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder – Connecticut River Valley (Stalk Cut/Cured)

Filler – Nicaraguan

Price: $10.20 per stick (offered exclusively through Drew Diplomat-authorized retailers).


Rating: 4.7 out of 5 pints


Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown

Drew Estate Sun GrownWith the Undercrown Maduro on one end of the spectrum and the Shade on the other people were left wondering if there would be something to bridge the flavor gap. In walks the Undercrown Sun Grown. Released at ICPCR 2017, the Undercrown Sun Grown is the third full release from Drew Estate in their Undercrown series and it offers the same use of the T52 leaf for the binder, an extensively aged ligero in the filler from Nicaragua and of course the Ecuadorian Sumatra seed sun grown wrapper. Following the same story line as the other Undercrowns it was blended on the factory floor but with the help of Willy Herrera.

The appearance of the cigar is great as always. The wrapper is the color of coffee beans with medium veining but still wrapped smoothly and with tight seams. It is full filled cigar that doesn’t offer much give when pressed between the fingers.

The smell from the body gives notes of cedar, leather and cocoa and from the foot hints of chocolate and a punch of leather. The pre-light draw has a medium pull with a touch of sweetness and the distinct flavor of raisins. The cap cuts easily with no damage to the wrapper as well as it lights easily and evenly.

First half gives flavors that are peaty and earthy with a bit of barnyard. It’s a bit tighter on the draw then I prefer but manageable. Smoke production is light until about a third of the way down where is begins to produce a rich thick smoke you can almost chew on. To me the flavor intensifies slightly while smoking the first half but note enough to make note of.

The second half has a touch more bite of salt to the tongue; sweetness and fruit kick in a bit more with pepper stalking the other flavors shortly after. By the last third the cigar really comes into its own, the smoke produced becomes lighter and all the flavors begin to mesh into each other making for a relaxed warm tasting smoke. The flavor overall, to me, is medium to medium heavy with a dark chocolate flavor accompanied with a hint roasted almonds and a slightly spicy finish.

Over all I enjoyed the stick although I didn’t notice a very large difference between the Undercrown Maduro and the Undercrown Sun Grown. I will say the main difference I noticed with this stick is that depending on what you choose to pair it with will have a heavy influence in what notes you pick up in the cigar. (And yes before everybody chimes in this is usually the case HOWEVER with this particular blend I found it to be more so than usual. The flavor profile seemed to change so much that I went through several of these before finally making the decision to smoke one with just a glass of water to write this article.) Be sure to pair what you’re drinking when you smoke this to the taste you want at that time. My personal favorite was having a strong bourbon on the rocks, which really brought out the spicy notes. The price point is more than reasonable and the overall construction makes it a solid win for your next cigar purchase.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Sun Grown

Binder and Filler: Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut/Cured Sun Grown Habano, Nicaraguan

Size smoked for this article: Corona 5 5/8 x 46

Price: $8.00-$9.00 depending on size and area.


Rating: 4.1 out if 5 pints