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Smith Elite Aegis Echo Glasses

image4So I strolled into the Gun shop I frequent, and Spartan Firearms have been a Smith Elite dealer for a little while now but I never really bothered looking at their products. On this day I just happened to get talking to my buddy Gary Ahlers who runs the shop about Smith Elite products and why he started to carry the products. After some conversation (and cash) I walked out with a Smith Elite Aegis Echo Deluxe Kit in Tan.

From my Initial look at these glasses, I was impressed with the quality and innovative design. I mean most people think that “hey any pair of Z87.1+ safety glasses will do the same job at a whole lot cheaper”, and in some ways I use to believe that. I always had a couple pairs of cheap $5 safety glasses or I used my Oakley Holbrooks as shooting glasses when I went to the gun range. In reality that was a very foolish way for me to think. I wear safety glasses daily at my job and for what I do at work, they are adequate but unlike most safety glasses, Smith Elite tests their glasses to a higher standard than regular safety glasses. They even exceed MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-31013 which is the U.S. Militaries Ballistic Eye Protection Specification. If you know anything about MIL SPEC, it’s overly specific to the point of insanity and this particular Mil Spec requires a projectile of 5.8 grains in weight and .15 inches in diameter to be shot at 640-660 Ft/S at protective eye wear and not crack the eye wear or allow any material to pierce a witness sheet that is behind the lens. It also requires the eye wear to be resistant to a whole list of chemicals as well as hot and cold climate testing, UV protection, and optical clarity. What’s the point if you can’t see out of them properly? So what does this mean to you the regular guy, who isn’t enlisted in the military and is a just weekend warrior at the gun range, hunter or the many other hobbies where eye wear is needed. It means this eye wear will take just about everything you can dish out and more.image2

Smith Optics Elite line makes multiple different styles of eye wear that is ballistic rated. One reason I chose the Aegis Echo Deluxe Kit is for the almost completely unobstructed field of view. I mean seriously unless you cross your eyes, there is no part of the frame that creates a blind spot. Second reason is the ability to change lenses in a few seconds with no tools. The frame is designed with these two pivot lock bars that you pull up on, and then with a downward pull the Lens separates from the frame easily. The kit I bought came with 3 different colors of lenses, clear, yellow and gray/tinted so you are covered for any lighting condition you may come across; another nice thing is the nose pads are attached to each lens so no need to swap those between lenses making it that much easier to change a lens out. The kit also includes a nice black nylon carry bag big enough to hold the frames and all 3 lenses, 3 lens pouches to protect the lenses when not in use, an elastic strap to hold the glasses on if you do a lot of movement and Smith Elites anti fog cloth that actually does that job very well (the humidity is a constant down here in the swamp know as South Florida). Only drawback is for sunny Florida they’re gray/tinted lens isn’t dark enough, but down here you could use a #4 cutting torch shade regularly in the summer time no problem, so maybe it’s just me.

image1There are a million things I could say about these glasses, but I won’t. If you like to go shooting and take safety seriously, Smith Optics Elite is a good investment. Could you seriously say $100 is too much to spend on your eyes, if so then I don’t think you know the value of your eye sight. Do yourself a favor buy quality eye wear for the range because one preventable range accident shouldn’t hurt you for the rest of your life, Should It?



Brand: Smith Optics


Rating: 4.5 pints out of 5

Would I recommend this to friend: Yes

Dealing With Jerks In The Work Place

louisville-class-b-office-space-300x199Greetings fellow ruffians, today I’ve decided to give my two cents on a subject that just about everyone has to deal with at one time or another, jerks at the job. Typically speaking, everyone immediately points the finger at the boss for being the towering turd, but such is not always the case. Below I will explain my take on the different kinds of jerks and how to deal with or at the very least navigate around the aforementioned A-holes.

1. The Tall Tale Teller

This person has seen it all, done it all, and can do it better than anyone in the whole company, but has yet to advance themselves since oh about 1979. This person is probably one of the easiest to deal with, simply listen to the barrage of bullshit they have to tell you and be on your merry way, nothing more, and nothing less. As rapper K Camp says “it ain’t nothin to cut that bitch off.”

2. The Negative Nate/Nancy

This one can really bring you down should you be weak minded enough to let them. They go around doing barely enough to keep their job and complaining about not getting anywhere at the workplace or in life. My suggestion is to kill them with kindness. Give them advice on how to make the daily grind a little better or maybe even challenge them to be the change that they wish to see.

3. The Backstabber

The O’Jays put it best “they smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place” this can be the one of the most dangerous type to deal with, as they can and will try to do anything to build themselves up while putting you down. The best way I’ve found to get around this individual is to keep them just close enough to know what kind of poppycock they’re up to, while keeping them far enough away to block their bs at every angle they may come from. As the old saying goes “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”.

4. The Bosses Best

This is the person that for lack of a better term is a straight up suck ass. While the boss may entertain their fake ways, he or she will see their fake ness from a mile away, as will their coworkers. With that being said, they will generally lose on both fronts because neither party will truly trust them. As we all know if you have no trust, you have nothing. My advice is sit back and let the universe do the work.

5. The Chatty Cathy

We all have that one person who constantly gossips about who is doing what, and just generally stirring up trouble in the workplace but will never own up to saying any of it. In my experience, the best way to deal with this is to be indifferent when talking to them should you have to. Don’t give an opinion on anything they’re talking about, don’t tell them what you think about another person, and DEFINITELY don’t give your true feelings about your boss. Everything you say will be the topic of discussion to the next guy.

Why would I choose to take the time to write about this subject you ask? The answer is equal parts simple and terrible. I have been a victim of each and every one of these sorts of ass clowns listed above. It’s my hope that this article will help you in spotting and dealing with the jerk in YOUR workplace without you losing your job or your sanity. Be a ruffian, stay distinguished.office_space_gif_by_wheen_store-d4kus1k



Lion Stock Knives

IMG_2217Recently I was in need of a new every day carry knife but this time I didn’t want to just walk into a store and grab something off the shelf I wanted something that was unique and fit specific needs. I was looking for a good fixed blade with a full tang that I could carry easy and could take a beating. So I started doing some digging and after a few days of hunting online I was lucky enough to find Ethan who owns Lion Stock Knives. The work looked great and he was able to customize his knives, so I shot him an e-mail and in less than 30 minutes I had a response. We spoke through e-mail for the next hour going over what I wanted out of my knife and what size I wanted. After he felt he had a good grasp on what I was looking for he went to work putting together photos of things that were consistent with the ideas I had given him plus other options that I hadn’t considered yet. It only took us a day to narrow everything down to exactly what I wanted, I felt great about it so I paid him for the job and he got to work.

Over the next few weeks Ethan stayed in contact with me giving me updates of the progress and sending photos along the way. I was lucky enough to get some time to talk to him about his the process, and what goes into making one of his knives.

“My process begins with flat bar stock (52100 high carbon steel). I layout my design patterns and cut them out on my band saw. Then I profile them more precisely using my 2″X72″ belt grinder. Once they are profiled, I drill holes and countersink them. This is for balance, handle pins, and it also helps the epoxy to bond the handle scales to the steel. Once the holes are done, I grind my primary bevels, and add jimping. After that I’m ready to heat treat and temper my blades. Once the tempering process is complete, I clean up the blades and put on the handle scales. Whatever material the customer wants, (G10, Micarta, exotic woods, all in a variety of patterns and colors.). Then I shape the handles to what the customer wants; contoured or textured in various patterns. When the handles are complete I mold kydex sheathes for each specific blade. Then I sharpen them with a leather strop and ship them out. There is a lot more that goes into each blade and these are the things that make them truly custom and art-like. Every blade is different and unique in it’s own way, A one of a kind.”

IMG_2576IMG_2577IMG_2578IMG_2579After what was a short production time, but felt like an eternity due to my excitement, the blade came in. It was exactly what I wanted, to say the least. The handle scales were exactly what I wanted, the blade was the size and shape I requested, the jimping was simple but effective, and most importantly it felt rugged and durable. Since I’ve gotten mine a few other of us Distinguished Ruffians have picked up a blade from him and so far none of us have been disappointed.

I’ve had this knife for several months now and I abuse the hell out of this thing and it takes it. If you ever need a good EDC knife that is custom tailored to you and that you can use and don’t have to worry about ruining it’s great looks just get ahold of Ethan at Lion Stock Knives and place your order.

Brand: Lion Stock Knives

Contact Info: (610)-781-8683

Rating: 5 pints out of 5