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Joya de Nicaragua introduces Cinco Décadas El Doctor

Cinco Decades El Doctor

Estelí, Nicaragua – Two years ago, when Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua reached its 50th anniversary, it released its most emblematic blend to date: Cinco Décadas, a commemorative cigar conceived as a tribute to all of those that have shaped the company and thus the Nicaraguan cigar industry.

Every Cinco Décadas vitola has been named after historic icons, Diadema as it was the first shape ever made at the factory, El Fundador is a tribute to founders of the company, and El General, reminds us of one of the pioneers of tobacco in Nicaragua. Today, Joya de Nicaragua introduces “El Doctor”, a 6×52 Torpedo honoring , Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, JDN’s visionary Chairman and Owner since the early 90s, and an impactful leader of our organization and industry

“Giving identities to these special products is one of the most exciting things we do when we are about to release one of these gems that we have created at the factory. With Cinco Décadas it hasn’t been easy, as we want to recognize all the important icons or milestones that have shaped our history in the last five decades. For me it was very touching when our agency and marketing team proposed to me to name this vitola after my father, because it was a realization of how much he has been an influence to all of us,” said Juan Ignacio Martínez, Executive President.

This very special limited batch of just 600 boxes will be sold exclusively in the UnitedStates, and only by retailers that belong to the Drew Diplomat Retailer Program. Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Décadas El Doctor will be shipping in August 2020, and will be available along with the 2020 annual batch of 600 boxes of each of the rest of the sizes in the Cinco Décadas series.“ Cinco Décadas is the cigar we are most proud of in Joya de Nicaragua. We are truly limited in the amount of cigars we can roll in this blend, because we use our most talented torcedores and because we use the best tobacco in our factory. Our plan is to release one new size every year until the next big anniversary, but this year we may have another surprise, so stay tuned,” said Daniel Barrios, Global Commercial Director of Joya de Nicaragua. This limited edition cigar will be introduced to the public by Juan Ignacio Martínez and the Drew Estate sales team in digital events across the country next month. Priced in line with the rest of the vitolas in the brand, Cinco Décadas El Doctor will be sold at MSRP/$20.00 per stick or $200/box.

Cinco Décadas from Joya De Nicaragua

Joya de Nicaragua Cinco DecadasWhile this cigar was released in 2018 to celebrate Joya De Nicaragua’s 50th anniversary and has already been reviewed by me before I though it was time to try it again after a bit of aging. Like Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, Owner and Chairman of Joya de Nicaragua said “[We want] consumers to know that in Cinco Decadas, they will find a cigar so premium that the fact that there’s one in the humidor, will be enough to celebrate”. Since these have been in my humidor for couple of years I thought it was “time to celebrate.”

When these were released I chose a box of the diadema (to me I would call them a perfecto but really we’re just splitting hairs aren’t we). The look of this cigar is incredibly pleasing and bring to mind the look of cigars seen in photos of the high class society sitting in high back chairs smoking. The wrapper is dark brown in color with speckles of red in it, nearing a cinnamon consistency. It has light veining, seams which are visible but tight and a lovely only sheen. The body feels full to the touch with little give when pressure is applied.

The smell is that of coffee, nuts, fresh baked bread and cedar. The cap cuts with no issues, the cold draw is much easier than most perfectos…excuse me I mean diademas. There is the taste of sweet tobacco and slight pepper.

The first half is buttery in constancy and has a bit of sweetness. There is a hint of spice, not overwhelming, just enough to let you know it is there. The burn becomes only slightly uneven at times but cleans itself up and by the end of the first half is sharp and even. The smoke production is plentifully and has a good weight that dances on the tongue giving it an even creamier feel.

The second half brings a bit more pepper leather into the flavor with the cream still present just creeping in on the back end. While he flavors become stronger it doesn’t “ramp up” like other cigars at the end and this is not a bad thing. The flavors remain smooth and creamy for the entire cigar. The smoke production remains full, the burn is clean and the construction is impeccable. The cigar finishes in a delightful medium full profile.

When looking for a luxury cigar to smoke for a great occasion look no further. While the flavors are quite complex the smoothness of the aged and premium tobacco used to craft this cigar make it a very enjoyable smoke and burns for ages. With a flavor that can be explored if so desired or simply smoked during a time when you want to relax and not over analyze your smoke, it makes for a perfect time. Good for either your advanced or novice smoker this limited edition cigar is worth having a box worth in your humidor.

Wrapper, Binder, Filler: undisclosed, only known that its a Nicaraguan euro
Price: $19.00 for single $190 for box of 10
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 pints



Cinco Décadas Fundador: The Smoke To Rise To The Occasion

Estelí, Nicaragua – In 2018, Joya de Nicaragua celebrated its 50th anniversary by sharing with consumers around the world the best cigar that has ever come out of its factory: Cinco Décadas.  From the very first day the company’s strength has lied in its people, who have always been committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence.  Today we pay tribute to the visionaries that ignited the Nicaraguan cigar industry,  Juan Francisco Bermejo and Simón Camacho.  Now, the finest blend of Cinco Decades honors their lofty standard, therefore we named it Fundador.

“When we conceived the concept of the brand, we decided that every year until the next big anniversary, we would nationally release a size that would pay tribute to key characters that shaped the story of our company, and thus, today we commemorate the vision of two immigrant businessmen that transformed our country” said Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, Chairman and Owner of Joya de Nicaragua.Cinco Décadas, with a perfect construction, is a cigar of unparalleled elegance. Made exclusively with our prime extra-vintage leaves taken from our most exclusive collection of tobaccos, it carries an immaculate balance accompanied by a luxurious complexity of sweet and spicy flavors. Its silky-smooth smoke delivers a rich and fulfilling experience.“This stunning cigar comes in a 6 x 54 soft pressed format that will captivate you the moment you light it” extolled Dr. MartínezJoya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas Cuenca.  This Gran Toro comes in a 10ct box with an MSRP of $20 per stick, and will only be available at selected retailers around the world. In the United States it is a DDRP Exclusive product, that will be shipping as of July 2019.

Cinco Décadas Fundador will be showcased this June at the 87th IPCPR Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas for all US retailers, and at Intertabac in Dortmund in September.  We invite all to rise to the occasion and pay tribute to those who made it possible for us to enjoy Nicaraguan cigars around the world, and to already expect next year’s commemoration to other protagonists of the story of The Most Nicaraguan Cigar.

About Joya de Nicaragua

Established in 1968, Joya de Nicaragua is Nicaragua’s first and oldest cigar factory in operation.

JDN’s commitment to quality along with their skillful and resilient people have brought their handmade cigars to over 50 countries around the world, making it Nicaragua’s most international brand.

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